Thursday, 30 June 2011

negative ?

its strange


beings who are pointing out

the actual negative

happenings in this world

which are creating a hell here





it is the most positive thing

to point out the negative

and not take part in it

how else would one

distance oneself from

the real negative called evil ?

seems like

evil has banned

anything from being called evil

under its rulership

a perfect recipe

for devolution


asha said...

You are the most Postive charge and are never detered by any stupid feedback... it is gracious of You to point out everything to us, we are blind.

if people have such a bad attitude to be taken out of hell then they will stay in it and as You said, the pain and torture will just keep increasing for them.

vintish said...

I bow...

sina said...

yes, it is the greatest, most positive thing of all that you are here and helping us to see things for what they are !!!

only if one can call hell hell, evil evil, wrong wrong can one take a stance against it, only then will one be able to distance oneself from it !

when i think of all the detrimental things i did in the past ... only because i was not willing to look at things properly, not honestly admitting how bad the activities i was involved in were ! so many years wasted by searching for happiness where it can't be found - drinking at boring parties & festivals ... exposing myself to detrimental company, detrimental sounds, detrimental substances, nightmarish environments, labelling them as 'good' when the reality was that they were scary, sickening & depressing ... only after starting to see & call things for what they are was it easy to distance myself from them.

that's why it's so cool that you give us this reality check with your publications !!!
you give one an opportunity to see things from a different angle - your angle - which one cannot get to by oneself ! you give one this unique, amazing opportunity to actually change one's faulty perception and get to a realistic perception by humbly agreeing to your words !

you are the one who is really outside of everything evil & negative, high above the hell of this world.

you have perfect clarity, you see reality for what it is. you know right from wrong, good from evil, heaven from hell.

you show us with your eloquent, enlightening what is wrong, and you always give the solution too. You explain very practically which wrong actions & attitudes lead to hell, and which actions will lead one out of hell. that's the most positive, constructive, compassionate, kind thing that can be done !!!!!

asha said...

sina's comment is honest, if more people are honest the earth won't be so overburdened with the real negativity - dishonesty !

praising the praiseworthy, being in harmony and not standing for nonsense is actually just being honest and this is what You help everyone to see and be, P !

it is beautiful natural and very liberating to say things for what they are ! that is why You are the most beautiful positive and prime example !

Anonymous said...

learn to love and be loved, in a warm human way

then the whole world will love you PT and the world will be saved

as long as youre hard cold and hateful, so the world will be too

PT - The Axis said...

@ anonymous claire - only those who are with me all the time gno whether i can love and be loved in a warm human way. those sitting miles away cannot be the judge of that. also please revisit the definition of human.

hard, cold, hateful is what this world is already, even before i incarnated on this planet. love happens only after true respect for higher & divine. thats being human.

as i said before i am not here for a popularity contest. those who love truth will love PT too. nothing as warming for the soul as truth.

sree said...

only P can even define what love is

if you are honest, you can see that he is the most benevolent and warmest of any being anywhere. but you dare to say things like 'hard cold and hateful' to him...whatever you are saying is beyond any sense

sree said...

@ anonymous - only P can even define what love is

if you are honest, you can see that he is the most benevolent and warmest of any being anywhere. but you dare to say things like 'hard cold and hateful' to him...whatever you are saying is beyond any sense

pinx said...

What a tremendous beautiful response! PT you are the most positive "human" being on this planet! in fact you are the only one to define what human-ness is! ~ true respect for higher & divine! that is so great! what a gift to learn how to become a human! something sorely lacking on Earth at this time!

ever since i have met you, which is a long time back now, you have always been the source of positivity in my life! those who dont take the time, or effort to actually get to gno you have no right to comment about your qualities! they have no idea whatsoever!

you are positivity incarnate! one only needs to see a glimpse of your beautiful, genuine smile to come to that conclusion!

and the way you constantly point out the truth, exposing the negative for what it is, is beautiful, and so uplifting, and so positive for the wellbeing of any soul!

there is so much praise and reinforcement of negativity on this planet that it is sickening!

am so glad that you are here to set things right! am so surprised that the trapped denizens of hell find it so easy to point fingers at you!

as Mira said "Slanderers rake only themselves over coals"

sree said...

even your very presence on earth is the most postitive thing for the planet and all the beings on it. and your scriptures for the now are the most precious teachings.

how can people not see how beautiful benevolent and compassionate you are. your blogs, sound and light and p-casa show so much of what you are. its just too strange that people do not bow down to divine. they must be evil minions.

we are very grateful for your presence amongst us. you are the only one who knows the truth. you show us evil as is and help us to cut it off.

Asha said...

@ anonymouse claire:

The UK is warmer and sunnier and full of rainbows because of P, whenever He leaves, there is deep freeze.

your the wilted plant that refuses the sunrays and water.

P is Love, the most evolved being here and He teaches one how to love and be loved.

The elements are all a testimony to the loving caring vibrations that P emits at all times effortlessly and that is open to all to see.

you have to bother to look in order to see ! and you have to be here in person to experience bliss... it is indescribably beautiful but not beyond words (if you read His words) and scientifically measured and proven all the time !

Not having sympathy for the devil is a cool uplifting positive rocking liberating trait in my book.

you want to be struck by cupid's arrow without even coming within reach... and you expect the world to change when you don't even do the do yourself !

P's laughter is like soft rain & His thousand smiles blossom the heart. everyday is like this for us... & He attracts birds that chirp along with us about how radiant and beautiful He is !

anyone who wishes for P to compromise a single thing about Himself, cares not for the world. period.

sina said...

living with You, P, one gets to experience human warmth like one has never experienced it before !!!

You are the most loving, caring, committed, sensitive Being ! You are the real Playboy, the One one can truly Play with ! You are the most handsome, attractive, truly masculine, fully alive, charged Man ! Your physical presence is enlivening and rejuvenating, charging and energizing !

everyday life with You is full of fun, laughter and tenderness. living in Your presence is enlivening for the whole being. You take the best possible care for the ones around You, their body, mind & soul.

You are the One whom one can love wholeheartedly and with all of one's being !!!

vintish said...

what a beautiful expression dear lord..... we love you PT :)

vintish said...

what a beautiful expression dear lord..... we love you PT :)

Yashanvitha said...

appreciate seena's way of opening the pages of her life n experience with the way PT reciprocated for claire's comment.It is so true. PT is never short of love in giving n rcving.The only problem is with the world in which he has come to incarnate at this age.Heart n soul full of oceanic devotion or even the mustard seeds of devotion, call out for Narayan to smash the hells on this he responds in the form of PT.we expect him to behave like any other child who respect his parents, who respect the teachers,jobs,society n finally get engulfed n sucked by its evil devils.But he has the guts to be different.even sitting miles away, i can still feel his love.even after disaggreeing with him on certain issues,i still experience his presence here at my home.if this is not the warm way of truth to bring solace to the souls,what is it claire?

vintish said...

You are the most charming and the most stylist person in this universe...

mrig said...

You are the Personification of Love and Compassion, and the Protector of Dharma..

sreelatha said...

vah !

kitna badiya P log hai !

sach hi takat hai

sach hi rahat deta hai

is duniya ki dusthta dikakar aap sab ko sachaie samja rahe hai

jitna sach aapne duniya mein bola aur lika hai, utna koyee aur bolna to dur janta tak nahi

Aap gyanvan hai

Aap bahut dayalu hai

Aap vikas ka sahi marg dikate hai

Aap sache guru, sache neta hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap Param Pujaneeya hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

sreelatha said...
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Amanda V said...

i bow.

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

amaya said...

what an awesome Plog..You are so PosiTive..
You're so right..'seems like evil has banned anything from being called evil'
it causes so much devolution when one can't make out what evil is
so kind of You to help one distance from the negative
You bring so much PosiTiviTy by helping one distance oneself from absurdity and goal less craziness.You are such a beautiful being..i bow

jganesh said...

You are the most PosiTive Being ! You really show the reality of everything ! love how You are always consistent in telling the truth ! i bow