Friday, 16 July 2010

the land called england

the people who call themselves


& inhabit

the land now called


give the impression

that it has always been theirs

the truth is that

just like america was taken over

they took it over by force

from the black haired pigmented

people called druids/phoenicians

the ones who made stonehenge

& the white horses on the hills

& all the mounds & stone temples

just because they have changed

the original sanskrit names like

Upvan 'उपवन ' - meaning 'garden'

to Upavon

just because they couldn't pronounce it properly

doesn't mean that its their name

a lot of sanskrit names

changed over to funny english pronunciations

abound in this island

giving a clear hint as to the actual language

of those who were the ancient dwellers

of this land

and lotusocean repeats that

one only owns land

by embedding in it


Yashanvitha said...

'from upa van to Upovon' such a scholarly way of showing the root of Sanskrit as a mother of all languages including English! PT u r great.

TwoHearts said...

PT *is* amazing, fascinating and one can never get enough of him. I bow.

asha said...

You are a lifesaver for those seeking the truth... You bring every gnowledge together into a coherent picture simply, in easy to understand language.

what PerfecT calibrations You make all the time, every observation is turned into the most positive liberating Truth !

Satyam Shivam Sundaram !

Anonymous said...

:) another ePic Plog! i bow to the One who wields the sword of Truth. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

You gno the real his~story
Your PercePTion is so intense, so full
so innocent & sweet You are !

Anonymous said...

it is so amazing to have all the stories/movies one was programmed with as a child explained logically as the realology it is!!! by the only One who can! to learn who the druids/phoenicians really were! to have History, P's story straigntened out! You bring this Earth to life with Your sound, with Your Presence, with Your Divine sonic Alchemy! The resPonses to Your Divinity are clear, constant and undeniable! It's really thrilling to watch Divines story unfold here! to see all the resPonses which haPPen at sacred sights and temPles that were built by civilizations who gnew thousands of years ago!
it is You who are the Ruler of this Land! You and the Land are One! It is You who sees and gnow the Truth!
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Arthur with the Excalibur
Your sword was imPrinTed on the sky
and also as a croP formation design

where You are, croPs literally grow better, lusher, brighter

England is Your's
so is the whole world !

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

jganesh said...

wow ! what a beautiful PoinT ! P and the land are one ! i bow

Swati said...

O Most Beautiful One ! i Praise Your gnowledge, wisdom and real insight into Truth, You take off all PreTensions, layers and layers and give a clear PicTure of reality, how these greedy and nefarious minds who always believed in snatching, looting and showing their authority over other fellow beings, lands and forcing their cultist system on all, has changed everything as Per their laws, rejecting Divine laws.

their Time to rule is over, You are here, You are so Kind and Your KingshiP is to destroy evil and helP those who wish to evolve !!
! bow to Your Divinity and Your Divine Kingdom !!

Swati said...

so blessed to gnow who created these Stonehenges and were always in favour of natural world.You are so comPassionatTe to highlight great work of ancient intelligent beings.

feel so delighted to see how Lotus Ocean world is so embedded with the natural laws.. it's creator is here to nurture its existence once again with His sWord to kill the ill will and sPread Divine/natural laws to follow !! ! bow to Your Divinity !!