Tuesday, 22 September 2009


quest for a 'soulmate'

occupies the mind, heart, time & energy

of millions of females

around this planet

all woes are supposed to end

life becomes worth living

happiness pervades

whence this soulmate is found

going by these assumptions

the 'soulmate' has magical properties

not usually found in any muggle

however the search domain is

firmly restricted to muggleworld

no surprise than

the frustration that follows

its clear that they are not looking for

anything higher than them

as evolution is not on the agenda

neither is there any interest in the servility

that kind of relationship demands

its also inconceivable that

a being this magical is

going to be loyal only to them

goes without saying that someone on the same level or below

will be hmmm 'boring'

it seems that the search is

either for a pet-dog-mate or

a private-trapped-genie that serves them

forever and ever

an unlikely prospect

and even if it happens

will that bring happiness ...



stardolphin said...

ha ha! :)

most women are really looking for something they can look down on, a pet dog in the form of a man...loyal, obedient and adoring, but who ofcourse doesnt stray

no wonder most women are frustrated and disappointed...and why evolution has stalled.

Shahid said...

Wow..This is the best writing/wisdom sharing on "SoulMates" .

Nothing I have read in many books or the internet tops this writing.

Hats off to you Rishi PT Saab.

starchild said...

this should be sent to all the dating agencies around the world, and a mandatory warning for my space and face book members... this should be a mantra that women recite every morning just to knock some sense in the head..

pinx said...

You address this PoinT so brilliantly ! what a wonderful P-log, full to the brim of Your classic wit and insight ! The quest for "soulmate", yes what continuous drivel can be heard in muggleworld in regards to this. it is so great how You bring it back to the undeniable reality !

love this line - "going by these assumptions the 'soulmate' has magical properties not usually found in any muggle" LOL ! so true and ultra hilarious ! such a great PoinT !

You define very clearly what beings are "actually" looking for - "it seems that the search is either for a pet-dog-mate or a private-trapped-genie that serves them forever and ever" brilliant insight as always !! (claps)

Your blogs always provide the bigger picture ! always so comprehensive and always getting to the crux of any issue. through reading Your illuminating words one comes to learn that most beings dont even have a "Soul" to begin with. all just being trapped spirits not even interested in converting their spirit into a Soul !! so all this talk of soulmate is completely ludicrous !

so great that we have a real Soul here to teach us and show us the way ! You help us beings to overcome all the retarded nonsense that we have acquired through our time spent in muggledom.

only You make life worth living and only You cause happiness to pervade !

Dhanyavad Prabhu !

I Bow !

pinx said...

i found a true Soul, yes i found a true Soul
in a world where it seemed obsolete
He has breathed me new life, yes He's breathed me new life
never thought life could turn out this sweet

for it takes a true Soul, yes it takes a true Soul
to gno the bare truth of all things
and what all He can tell, yes what all He can tell
nothing compares to the wisdom it brings

to behold a true Soul, yes to behold a true Soul
one awakens to a reality so great
and what all that He shows, yes what all that He shows
one learns of the highest of states

to follow a true Soul, yes to follow a true Soul
is the goal of only worth to pursue
and when He holds out His hand, yes He holds out His hand
the PaTh to Him only humility can imbue

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P for always extending Your most gracious hand of Truth. For lifting those who seek You out of the illusions that deny True happiness to flow. You are the True soul the True mate with which all others pine to relate. i bow at Your omnicient feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

a female needs someone to take it higher, out of 3D to a higher realm

PsingulariTy said...

You are the Divine suPersoul
goPiyon ke madan mohan

Science Spirituality said...

hahaha you address each and everything with such a creative and truthful way!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

jganesh said...

You are so phunny and so right ! i bow !

Swati said...

Thank you O Lord for sharing your insight on most sought-after and business creator topic. Search is not only by females but also by males.

Thousands of matchmaking sites are running for that purpose only and India is a place where one finds his or her soulmate through matrimonial advertisement.

But truly speaking your blog is very much to the point as one don't not go to that level of servility which ever existed in Vedic time.

I also spent so much time mind heart and energy on searching the real meaning of SoulMates and finally found that between-

Sati Anusuya and Rishi Atri
Bhagwan Shiv and Maa Parvati
Shrimati Radha and Shri Krishn
Shri Ram and Srimati Sita

Servility it is outdated and no one eager to look those Virtues of commitment,devotion and sacrifice for their mate, because if someone is having those Virtues either they are being exploited or crushed under these commercial mentality Where Males are no more males and females are busy competing with them to stand equal or busy enjoying all luxury which can be bought from their mate's money.

No one is seeking knowledge that there is no concept of Soulmate in this mortal world.
Ultimately, a soul is going to unite with Almighty a SupremeSoul through liberation if one has done good deeds and worked towards soul evolution as you mentioned.

Srimati Radha and Shri Krishna is an example of SupremeSoul and a soul - ParamAtma and Jivatama that is why that union and soul connection was so strong. I always wondered how can someone be so amused by someone's love and affection that she will leave her home for him. Now I understand after reading so many Plogs of your that it is possible because it is the connection between ParmAtama and Atma.
It's Bhakti and devotion of a true Devotee for divine because Shri Krishna had so much divinity in him whosoever will experience that divinity naturally will become devotee and only Radha Gopis and Meera had that Supreme power to understand his divinity.

And same is the case with
Bhagwan Shiv Maa Parvati
Shri Hanumaan and Shri Ram
Shri Ram and Shrimati Sita

and Rishi Atri and Sati Anusuya is one good example of mind born son of Brahma Ji and she was Pativratya that is why they had so much soul Consciousness.

Now a days males don't have real knowledge and don't follow Righteousness like them and females don't focus on their true qualities of a female because these virtues are outdated.

You are like pure light in the dark to awake people if they still don't want to,Only you can do whatever you wish but you are full of Mercy and Compassion to give them an opportunity to rise from such state.

I am so happy and full with Compassion to see the true divine connection between you and your disciples, your true devotees.

O Lord ! bow to you and bow to your divinity.

sarah anne said...

You are so gracious to use Your Mercurial wit to shed light on the amusing things You observe.

undecided said...

I bow. So True, one wants to find a "soulmate" in order to validate aspects of themselves .. very easy to fall victim to when one is already a vampire. aeioum

07 08 said...

You have the best take on everything.
You bring it all down to one single PoinT ~ 'Will that bring happiness' , and this rests the whole soulmate facade !
Your Plogs are great, Your PerspecTives are the clearest truest PicTure of current world functionings... Your words go clean to the bone!
i bow /\

रेshma said...
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Reshma said...

Very true and also based on my own exPerience I agree on the PoinT that beings on the same level or below are always boring and annoying.

But you are the one and only higher/divine/PhascinaTing/Powerful soulmaTe that one can get on this PlaneT.

Only your existence is PraiseworThy.

Those girls who stay with you all the time are so damn lucky.

i am graTePhul to you for accepTing me as your disciPle.

i bow to you 🙏🙇

Ajay Kapoor said...

Such an eye opening PLog, as stated searching for a 'soulmate' even if happens doubtfully will not bring happiness, as the basics are not there.
You are true soulmate, the one that has mastered it all. I bow.

nicolas said...

so beauTiPhull! your words are the best words! your logic has no flaw! your realness is priceless and feels like a miracle
i bow to you all gnowing one