Thursday, 18 October 2007

light is light

there is a reason why the same word 'light' is used to

refer to both light ( as in light & dark )


light ( as in light & heavy )

getting above

psychological, emotional complications leads

us into the light realms away from the pain & torture

of the dense realms

Inside the Hypercube Crop Circle in Northdowns Wiltshire 2007


asha said...

what inspiring words ! priceless treasures , refuge from all the nonsense telling one to pay attention to dense misleading thoughts and emotions...

whats the need to induldge when their is always a lighter option like reading Your Plogs !

You rock P ! & i bow !

sree said...

Narayan Narayan !

you every word is true

when one is putting attention on you properly, it seems to make one feel lighter, in a sort of blissful happy existence

but its a long way , hard work involved to actually get to be better and be more like that most of the time

its the practical essence, you have true power, you are the Pole, the cosmic axis

Anonymous said...

Light is 'light' only when it is emiTTed from the divine P.It is the kind of soothing warm yet cooling light which can transform darkness into an angelic light as it dispels negativity,lifts heavy hearts and rids us of confusing devilish functions.

sreelatha said...

you are The light being

even in this video your face shines with brillance of a 1000 suns

you are in this Physical Plane the most PhiT and fastest walker ever

your steps are the most light, you actually fly than walk with people running to catch upto you

you are the best at every thing

your way of being is suPreme

as inside so outside

pinx said...

such a beautiful and sublime Point ! and a very light-full example of Your lightness through Your sound & light !

You are the light that can save us from the darkness of this world, and You are the light that can save us from the heaviness of our state !

through Your sound & light and the light of Your words we are baring witness to what is the real light ! You are the light to ignite all other lights ! and Your light shines brighter than any other light !

just coming to Your blog page and reading Your words one already feels one's load lightening !

You are the One who can lighten us and lead us to the Real Light !

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are transcendent P! everything You do is above the mundane and lifts those up who are willing to witness Your Divinity. dhanyavad for Your Pure raPTure. i bow at Your golden feet. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

wow ! so simPle & PracTical Plog !

so totally Pure You are, so coherent ! so it is that You can exPlain essential truths in such a realistic, simPlistic way !

PsingulariTy said...

You are the Pure eternal Light

Your sTeP is always feathery lite. You are a being who is literally Physically not a burden on Bhoodevi. You are feathery lite even given Your Physical body weight. the lightness comes from being En~lightened ! now, how about the clear to the eye weighted PeoPle sitting on sofas & chairs 'sPewing' incoherence to masses. they are weighted down & can only down the Public not raise it. they are definitely a show-off (showing off their weight) ! rofl !

Anonymous said...

Pure light is food itself, so enriching for the soul !

Anonymous said...

You are a grand being with intense energy. In fact you have "Unlimited Time and Energy".

Meghna said...

You are the sacred geometry 222 ... the video...synchronicity !

Science Spirituality said...

Another music and a new crop circle I guess, this music sounds cheerful and has child like innocence to it, only you can create such soothing sounds!! :)

Kiah Infinite said...

Moving above the ego leads one to the divine.

neelang tiwari said...

i bow to Narayan.
i bow to the Pole.
i bow to the true Power.

neelang tiwari said...

i bow to the Light.
i bow to the Higher.
i bow to PT.

bindu ravikumar said...

Powerful word play! who could have expalined it so well!? :)

bindu ravikumar said...

so beautifully expained :)

bindu ravikumar said...

so beautifully expained :)

jganesh said...

getting above psychological and emotion complications would lead one out of hell and into the light realms ! You are the most reasonable Being ! wow ! it is such a relief to have a Being who is actually reasonable on this PlaneT !

Anonymous said...

what a gentle and beautiful exPlanaTion..
'getting above psychological , emotional complications leads us into the light realms away from the pain and torture of the dense realms..' what a beautiful message...You give the best and most awesome message... Your words are so heavenly..Your words touch one like a whiff of cool a breath of fresh air..Your words are so PleasanT..beautiful scriPTures..i bow

sarah anne said...

Your mercurial wit and humour truly feels like experiencing a gift from divine.
You are so gracious and benevolent to guide the way towards the light.

Swati said...

Beautifully explained, clear and crisp meaning of light...

When you have light all around in your life you feel very light inside...

Roaming on this whole earth looking for that light ... Finally I found in your feet... Those are heaven for me.. i feel so light with the light you brought into my life..

Thankyou so much O mere Prabhu !!

Mai aapko baar baar Pranaam Karti hoon..
Kripya Sweekar Kare!!

jganesh said...

wow ! You are so gnoledgeable ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You write so beautifully
You are so beautiful in every way
so many beautiful revelations ..
You are simPly beautiful

getting above psychological, emotional complications leads one into the light realms away from the pain and torture of the dense realms

You PainT such a beautiful PicTure of higher realms
You talk about the other side so beautifully
one can actually go towards lightness of being under Your guidance
only You tell one about the multiversal laws
this whole world is so full of fraud
everyone is living in ignorance
You tell the truth
You are beyond legendary
You are so coherent

yes this dense world is so much full of pain and torture at every step
You can take one higher
You tell one about the multiversal laws that one has to follow
You are the saviour
You make so much Possible by being here
You Provide the real escape
it's so great that one can actually escape the psychological and emotional pain of this dense realm through Your help and guidance
You are the most helpful being ever
it's not that one can't evolve..
everyone can evolve and You make it so Possible by being here

it's so great to read the Praises of here
it's so beautiful when You are being celebrated
Your being here is such a celebration
You have so many exalted qualities
You are out of this world
You are suPernaTural
You are amazing PuriTy, beauty and brilliance
i bow

Gita S said...

Its so heavy here on this plane, so dense and sooo painful.. Why cant everything be simple and light..

I seek your help to go into the light , I bow to the divine ...

reshma nair said...

Pure and beautiful truth simply explained by Pt once again. I love P-logs which is nothing but Pure-logs.

Anonymous said...

Your words shine brighter and truer than a million billion diamonds
You are illuminating
You sPeak and write so beautifully
You are the most beautiful consciousness in this world
You are such beautiful and wonderful lightness of being
Your words are the true medicine
You are very kind to give beings so much hoPe
Your words are so angelic
You are very kind to help beings out of the pain, torture and complications of this dense realm
You are so beautifully multiversal and galactic
You are the real and beautiful birdman
i bow

Vaishali Thaker said...

Noone else can talk about realms so directly like you do :)
What is light & dark/light & heavy is so beautiphully differentiated by you!
you are the ultimate source of everything that exist..
you are that shining of light, you are so powerphul but lighter then the air!
learning from you is real phun...
Only praising, bowing & serving you makes me pheel lighter & lighter..
I pheel like there's a boundry & there are 2 parts.. on 1 part the whole world is there & on another only you... the place where only you are there pheels lighter & brighter..
i bow 🙏

Navdeep Kaur said...

O my great Guru your teachings always make me lighter.
Such a profound way to explain.your explanation are always short but yet they explained everything without missing anything.
It's only you who know how to remove the objects which are stopping light.
I bow to your feet!!!!

Navdeep Kaur said...

Thank you so much for throwing light on light. Your talks always revolve around phacts.
Light will itself remain light irrespective of its comparison with another words.
So much inspiring.

Navdeep Kaur said...

Precious words by a real Guru. Light is always remain light with whatever you compare it . Such a profound teaching.
There is always a light everywhere but we can see things which stop light to pass through. Those are dense and heavy too.

Zoom In said...

My beautiful lord, only your words make real sense. You are the only G- uru ,the all gnower. Your profound teaching can wake any one up from the deepest of the sleep. My greatest good fortune is to have come across you. It feels like one is reborn. No words are enough to praise you.You are so gracious to guide the way towards the light. I humbly bow at your lotus pheet.!!

Manu said...

Divine PT,Your in dePTh gnoledge about the realms is incredible..
If it were not for You,one would have never come to gno about the various other realms...You make one see beyond this dense Plane of existence..
You exPlain the unseen and inconceivable reality in such an easy to understand comPacT yet Profound!!
So here is dense,heavy and comPlicaTed...
You are tremendously Kind to give refuge and guide towards the Real Light..Your Plogs are the ancient timeless vedic wisdom that sets one Phree from the clutches of ignorance..
Your intelligence is not confined just to the mundane affairs of this realm but it's truly transcendental..You Possess Cosmic Intelligence!!
Your croP circle maniPhesTations are dePhiniTely otherwordly and Divine!!

I bow Guru PT🙏🙏

elephant 999 said...

You are filled with Pure light ... You are light like a bird ... i bow

elephant 999 said...

You rise above all unholy characteristics that beings struggle with everyday ... only through Your grace can beings rise above their downfalls ... i bow

Unknown said...

so True.

Navdeep Kaur said...

O DIVINE BEING!!!! You are the real light!!! Your words make one lighter in this dense realm.
Only you gnow how to move up in less dense and more lighter realms

You are spreading your real light all around and showing real gnowledge which is phactful and can be apply in real sense.
The flash lights which this world think is most beautiful and valuable is only light which is breaking out real being sensory circuits.
You have introduced me with the real light which on this plane-t you have.

I am afraid of dark since childhood but I think to see the real light you have to be in dark.
Flash lights are just covering it up and never allow being to face it.
You are the being who posses divine qualities.
I bow down to divine quality being!!!

Navdeep Kaur said...

O GURU!!! How systematic and beautiful your teachings are. The way to teach and get into the words is amazing. Only you are teaching why same word is being used to show different aspects.
Yes!!! It is a light which will save ones . And one feel lighter only after having a real pnowledge.
It's only the light which can penetrate and cross through tiny holes or narrow paths.

Yes it is the light -ning the true and only voice I ever heard from the creator (the nature).
And you are so in sync with nature.
It is the light and only light which is able to remove the darkness. All different colours are the different angles of same light.

It is so much pain to learn from you this way. You are the new sun and and light in this dense world. Your plogs makes one feel lighter
Bows to such a DIVINE BEING!!!

elephant 999 said...

You are light and are the light of this world ... i bow <3ॐ

LotusDroplet said...
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nicolas said...

wow! this is so Profound! light is light! your gnowledge is an eye-opener! you are the real light, a never ending awe!

i bow to you ShivNarayan

ankita said...

You guide beings to freedom so beautiPhully
so kind of You to show a way out of worries of the malfunctioning machine
You are the saviour

You are such beautiPhul lightness of being
this is a very beautiPhul and soothing Plog
You are so heavenly
i bow