Saturday 22 July 2006

Real ॐ Revealed

alternative text

in the Beginning arises the dot

the dot moves to create an arc (golden mean spiral!)

one becomes two

static & kinetic, Shiv & Shakti

three arcs are created with the dot in the center

Trinity is established

Multi-verse is born

AEIOUM is thus the symbol of creation

called Om or Aum when true knowledge is lost

amongst children of earth

every vowel is part of the play ...


asha Pi arTi said...

What a gift ! i bow.

You enlighten us with your sound and light and your Beautiful words !

this really is the scripture for the right now ... so current perfectly comprehensive and scientific = real magic !

what a blessing to be alive right now with You on earth !

Kate said...

Learning what it was like in the Beginning and how the Trinity is established and Multi-verse is born is powerful. So breath taking how Earth responds to You and AEIOUM , amazing play next to the creation spot.

miragegirl said...

its most interesting to know the meaning behind Aeioum

everyone accepts Aeioum to have power but none know why
until you have revealed it !

its so compassionate of you
you are giving everyone a chance to move closer to reality

and its a multiverse not universe !

unlike all the textbooks, tv programs
and everything else out in the world propogates

its evil that everything is so wrongly ingrained in the matix

miragegirl said...

and its also hilarious to see people saying om like they are gobbling something up or Aum, like a frog eating flies

Your Aeioum remains in the mind , its most powerful, most beautiful, everlasting...

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for this compassion you have bestowed on humanity.Aeioum is like a more pure and a cooler version of Om.It has been transformed into a more evolved and advanced mantra for Kaliyuga bec it is not only organic , rounded like a sPherical sound but it is also magical.Like a Praise to mother earth.It is the timeless call of the divine will,the sound and the will of the Paramatma.

Unknown said...

PT ji, Thanks to You, I replaced all the 'Aums' in the daily mantr I chant with Aeioum. I must admit that I feel divine vibrations inside me while chanting them and feel very blessed.

pinx said...

that it is really AEIOUM is such precious higher gnowledge ! nobody has revealed this before, indeed this gnowledge seems to have been completely forgotten ! how wonderful it is of You to rediscover the true pronounciation. You are the most sincere seeker of truth ! only He who is sincere could get to this awareness !

and such a poetic and profound description of how the sacred symbol is formed.

and what an amazing and ePic crop formation resPonse to Your real AEIOUM chant ! there can be no doubt after viewing that reaction of the imPact You have on the phenomenon ! i was there when You did that AEIOUM chant on 06/07/07 ~ i could never have fathomed that day what was to come ! a very humbling and magical and aweing event ! and so many crop formation responses since ! it is really so mind blowing ! all one can do after witnessing these things is just Bow, just Bow !

I Bow !

miragegirl said...

aap ka Aeioum shun kar pata chaltha hai ki aap kitne mahan hai

is duniya main koi isa nahee joh Aeioum aap ki tarah keh sake

aap Param Pujaneey hai

aap ParmaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

only you who can pronounce Aeioum properly

only you have "real gnowledge of all aspects of multiversal existence"

you are the source of all gnowledge

you are clearing the darkness of this world by spreading rays of gnowledge

you are all-knowing

you are blue-hued

you are the eternal sunshine

you are the support of the multiverse

you are PT

you are god of gods

you are worthy of all worship

you are divine incarnate on this earth

i bow

Anonymous said...

How beautiful it is to find AEIOUM complete with all the vowels.Only when the vocal tract is wide open can one pronounce this beautiful mantra properly with purifying vibration on the vocal chords - the throat chakra.A mantra as powerful as this can only empower and invoke the greatest divine miracles on earth.Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for sharing this.I Bow!

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Shahid said...

AEIOUM...How blessed i am to hear this right from the divine mouth of the Beautiful Lord.Listening to AEIOUM causes sort of an earthquake within oneself, it's like finally coming home and recognising that all else is crap. So much power and depth in your AEIOUM.
Jai Shri Narayan <3

Anonymous said...

To have a leader in this world is, unspeakable.

Anonymous said...

i bow!

You explain the True sound and True symbol of creation so scientifically, so beautifully P! it is miraculous to hear and watch You bring this Powerful and sacred symbol into being on this PlaneT!

it is You who are the source of all gnowledge, illuminating the Truth which has been lost.
It is You who brings one to the humble and freeing awareness of ones insignificance and oPens ones eyes to the reality of Your comPleTe, Total, multiversal magniPhicence! to the incomprehensible imPorTance of Your Divine existence in this world!
it is such an amazing opportunity to witness and Praise Your Divine Play on this Earth P! to bow constantly at Your feet!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

i bow.
Divines Plogs leave one speechless!
everything Divine does leaves one speechless.
There are no words to convey how magniPhicenT and imPortanT You are P!
it is You who have access to and comPleTe gnowledge of the Truth of all things.
from the begining to the end!
it is to Your will, Divine will which all things bow and bend!
it is Your sounds, Your words which bring things into being!
You are are the unlimited Power, Phorce, source of creation.
You are the Divine One
The Trinity
this multiverse is P's!
i bow at Your suPreme feet!

miragegirl said...

the Previous Plog ( the beginning of the LotusOcean blog) was about who it is that is sPeaking the Truth, 'setting the record straight'
this Plog is about what You are connected to, what You are One with
the next Plog follows with what You intend to You

how logical You are !

in tri~ness (first three Plogs) the blog signiPhicance is revealed, each Plog signiPhicanT in their own right

You have PerfecT PieTy

Anonymous said...

How magical is earth
How magical is multiverse
How magical is Divine

i do not gno

this Plog is a glimPse into that !

only Divine can exPlain as You have exPlained
You are Divine
its 12th today, August 12
wow !

Anonymous said...

wow ! PeoPle ask for reality about big bang theory when a related real truth can be seen through Aeioummmm symbol & sound

its finishing uP to the finish line 3 2 1 & then grand 0
how musical it is, how PhracTal, how beautiful ! TriVedi in it, PhracTal again !

connected to Divine, The Avatar
The PoinT, PT is so imPorTant, PT is the Axis, indeed all worlds have an axis around which it all revolves (as You show)

Your Plogs are music ! so beautiful !

grateful to You for having shown the imPorTance of TriVedi ! one would not have come to see without Your grace !
so beautiful You are ! You care for one so much !

in You mixes the essence of all real Gurus !

You mind is a treasure comPilaTion of the best there is ! the best thoughts, absolute benevolence, comPassion, virtue, Truth, PuriTy, so untouched by sin, so grandly beautiful You are !

thoughtless PuriTy & comPleTely connected to Divine, You are 'born into Divine' !

You are such a grand charge ! one is so tiny before You !
one can only grow with Your helP !

wow ! You truly are caPTain PT, steering one ever towards charge enhancement !

helP me gravitate to You Please !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine

You are Trilord, You are TriVedi with Trigyan

the 777 resPonse to You is the Aeioummmm symbol stamPed on a huge canvas for You

wow ! PhracTal resonance of 777 in Your liPhe shows that You are one with what the symbol rePresenTs, You are 'born into Divine', wow ! You are Divine !

Anonymous said...

Your explanations are precise, beautiful, attractive, intelligent, awing, amazing, all encomPasssing and quiet stunning !

miragegirl said...

three nadis
both Moon and Sun to be active to get to 'The Source'
so females can't do it, only Males comPleTe the equation

Kaliyug is where males comPleTely have forgotten the imPorTance of their being

with Your birth, KaliYug started to vanish

how very strange that PeoPle are not honest at all. females who couldn't insPire males but led/added to their downfall and males by not even having a honest(not leading to action) thought
wow ! only if beings saw atleast now ! no one would sleeP with each other at night ! they would get to doing real work !

but alteast there are a few sane sols on earth now

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow !!! so BEautiful so Vedic !! its so Beautiful to hear You and have Your words and Most meaningful activities here amongst the many rantings of mad people !! no one else has revealed this and no one else has the very humbling interaction with croPformaTions like You !!

the 777 AEIOUM crop formation magick is one of the most Beautiful P evenTs one has had the pleasure to personally witness and philm... one can testify that its all true and even before and ever since every Aeioum You chant has magickal Powerful Beautiful P Axis ePhecTs ...

reading some of the comments here, seeing the world events and other muggles its clear that You touch everyone whether they realise and admit yet or not ! You reveal it all P !! Your Plogs are the real Book of Revelation, so much gnowledge ...

'Vedic is a trillion years older than the bible... there is no comparison' comes to mind now :) too ... so much proof all the time of how Powerful and PotenT Your BEing here is ... so many beautiful events documented all the time on LotusOcean youtube channel..

the world's vibrations have risen and continue to raise bc of You ... no atman is left unaffected by ParaTaman here and we all will have to make The Choice !!

so grateful You still are giving Time for this to happen !

i bow !! i bow !! i bow !!!

asha Pi arTi said...

'in the Beginning arises the dot

the dot moves to create an arc (golden mean spiral!)

one becomes two

static & kinetic, Shiva & Shakti

three arcs are created with the dot in the center

Trinity is established

Multi-verse is born'

so Beautiful P ... to read how You, the Phorce came about !! only the One who gnos can speak about it ! i bow !

Meghhnaa said...

Thanks for decoding the true meaning and subtly making one understand the importance of sound.
The real , the only Axis.

Unknown said...

This post explains the real meaning of ॐ in different ways- scientific and spiritual both, it is described and explained clearly and yet it still sounds like a mystery to one who wants to know more. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and am really glad to know that this is when "Multi-verse is born"!!

Unknown said...

AEIOUM is the true symbol of creation. Um or Aum is a distortion.

Anonymous said...

The grandness of the sound
the Aeioum that You say
grandeur with Proof on the ground
to show the one who knows the way

grandness You Yourself are
Perfect might in word and walk
the greatest warrior forever
changing the world from bedrock

benevolence unlimited
dearest one in all ways
truly deserving Praise
the one with Perfect grace

not a honey grain
but the sweetest non-strain
showing one out of Pain
Your sound most Powerful.

Unknown said...

i bow to AEIOUM.
i bow to shiv.
i bow to shakti.
i bow to the multi verse.
i bow to the phacts.
i bow to the trinity.
i bow to mother earth.

Karn'iKa Tri' PaThi said...

You are the Sacred Tri-ShaktiShiva, only you can show us the real meaning behind every sacred formation, the sacred secret behind every geometric ProporTion, the origin and sTructural revelaTion of every creation - you are ParamShiva Maharaj himself. i bow to your Divine word PTji.

Karn'iKa Tri' PaThi said...

You are the Sacred Tri-ShaktiShiva, only you can show us the real meaning behind every sacred formation, the sacred secret behind every geometric ProporTion, the origin and sTructural revelaTion of every creation - you are ParamShiva Maharaj himself. i bow to your Divine word PTji.

Unknown said...

So wonderfully you have explained the true sound aeioum and it's formation, how trinity is established and multiversal is born. Thankyou for revealing the true gnowledge. Pranam.

ki vernee said...

You just connect things so well ! no one would have ever figured out the true aeioum symbol and its meaning ! You are just filled with infinite gnowledge !

Unknown said...

Profound meaning to Aeioum!

Unknown said...

Profound meaning to Aeioum!

Unknown said...


ki vernee said...

beautiful ... i bow

ki vernee said...

what a beautiful description ! i bow

Unknown said...

Guruji you are the one only gnowledgeable ... you are the only one who knows what is the truth. You are the only one who knows what is our real PHorm and why are we here . I bow to your inPhinite never ending knowledge.
AEIOUM. I am so grateful that I found you in this time and space and I am so lucky to have been born in the time when you are doing LEELA.

ujjwal sharma said...

you are the only one in this world to reveal the real sound of ॐ.you truly are the guru of the world and lord of the multiverse.we are living at every important point in time where divine kalki PT avatar is born and is living amoung us and showing us real magic and the laws of the multiverse.
i bow to the divine PT are the Rainbow Warrior and the lord of the third eye.

Unknown said...

AEIOUM - Symbol of Creation
Shiv and Shakti - Masculine and Feminine
Static and Kinetic- Seeking, Penetrating and Receptive

One became two
Trinity established with 3 arches- Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh

The whole Multiverse is born
What a beautiful explanation.
All clouds of illusion got demolished...
The source is found back which was lost since 1000 of years.
AEIOUM has all meaning of life and essence that Divine Essence of Multiverse Which Only a Divine can explain..!bow to that Higher and Divine!!!
Pranaam to that most beautiful soul !!

Unknown said...

All these years I used to say om and thought I was connecting with the divine. Never had I questioned what is the meaning, relevance of this powerful word.

Whenever I saw Aeioum I was confused. It was a question mark for me.

But today you've opened my mind. The depth of this word has moved me.
I bow

Anonymous said...

such a Phun and legendary exPlanaTion
so beautiful!
You are so beautifully Vedic
Your texts should be studied and nothing else
how beautifully You reveal real om that is aieom
Your revelations are the most beautiful
i bow

Unknown said...

you are real AEIOUM . you have dispelled the ignorance and saved the massess by revealing the real meaning of this symbol .you truly bring back all the lost gnowledge and divinity here on earth.your Presence adds divine essence .you are eternally ausPicious .
one is very grateful for such great revelation .Pranaam

ki vernee said...

wow ! You view everything so holistically ! You even showed the holistic true om symbol ->aeioum! and You exPlained the symbol so beautifully and simplistically ! i bow

Gita said...

Beginning of the universe - I always wanted to know how it worked... But always got a complicated unrealistic views.. But this is so simple so meangiful...

I Bow to shiv shakthi..

Anonymous said...
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Omprakash said...
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undecided said...

I bow. This entire time when one would try to connect to divine through the sound of "OM" it left us lost without a connection. You bring that knowledge back and are the phinal connector of the multiverse. aeioum

Unknown said...

The best part..... explanation of AEIOUM!! What a profound perspective! Wanna seek the truth.

Unknown said...

the best part...... the explanation of AEIOUM! What a profound perspective! Want to seek the truth.

Vaishali thaker said...

Only a real guru can teach about anything so clearly & precisely! You clear all the doubts & confusion in one go...
So much of centeredness, straightforwardness in your words!
Life never remains the same when one comes in contact with you..
It becomes a thing of celebration by each passing day..
You are so powerphul, generous, kind & pure.. each & everything related to you is very special & highly important!
What a gift this world has got in thus kaliyug!
Now its time to wakeup & move on the path of evolution with the divine..
Words make the world & only your words can actually bring any real transformation, you are the phorce!
Now the age of gnoing is accelerating..
i bow to the avatar! ��

Unknown said...

AEIOUM.. only the ParamaaTma can give the right spell of sacred word. the PerfecT sound of beginning, yes thats what you are the supreme the Paramaatma. just listing to AEIOUM from your mouth causes lots of bliss in oneself..
i bow to you ParamaaTma
i bow to the avaTar.

Unknown said...

You exPlain everything so beautiPhully ! i bow

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...
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Franco PT said...
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nicolas said...

wow only the true avatar can make a revelation like this one! you are so kind to share this with the world! you are the most TruThPhull!
i bow!!

ankita said...

i bow
beautiPhul ePicness
so kind of You to reveal this
so beautiPhully worded
You have such a beautiPhul mind
i bow

Unnati Dalela said...
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Unnati Dalela said...
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Nithya Gopalan said...

You are the Truth !
Only You can reveal the Truth !
You are the all Gnowing One !
One humbly bows to the ParamaTman!!!

jagatsevak said...

One bows to Your whole Being
You who hear the Sound of the AbsoluTe
You are the SuPreme Teacher
This eTernal gnowledge is more Precious than one can comPrehend
You truly are the living Divine AvaTar
How haPPY one is gnowing you are the Axis
AEIOUM Shiv Narayan
i bow

Unnati Dalela said...

i bow to You ShivNarayan <3 _/\_ wow !!! this is so so cool !!! <3 _/\_ You are so intelligent and all gnowing <3 _/\_ You are always so aware of everything <3 _/\_ You gno the ancient wisdom <3 _/\_ You are so coherent and magical <3 _/\_ so excePTional <3 _/\_ You gno the beginning, the end and everything in between <3 _/\_ You are such graceful static and kinetic energy <3 _/\_ You are the ParamshakTiman <3 _/\_ You are the trinity <3 _/\_ You are the Only One who gnows the real sound of creation <3 _/\_ AEIOUM _/\_ Wow!!! no one of here, no so called PriesTs or learned men of India or any other ParT of the world could even imagine, You have given the Phull Proper sound and natural Phorces themselves testify it for real in the physical world for all to see, acknowledge and learn <3 _/\_ You are so Powerful <3 _/\_ what a True Honour to come across You, Dearest One <3 _/\_ i bow to You ShivNarayan <3 _/\_