Sunday 17 August 2014



a word which still remains taboo

despite being the most used english word

a word

which tv channels ban

many repeat mindlessly


spiritual people

are never to utter

so lets look into it to see whats so unwholy about it

we will have to start with


which with an addition of just 'Ph'

becomes the

well gnown verse in fairy (phi-airy) tales

pha phe phi pho phum

the last 'phu'

is basically root  of phun (fun)

add a 'ck'

ck being charge

becomes 'phuck' or 'fuck'

so its

'fun with charge'

thats all fuck is

now some would think that

this means that

all those who are doing

an act commonly labeled as 'fucking'

are all just having fun

such folks need to revert back to

pha phe phi pho phum

and pay attention to the fact that

phi comes before phum

so without phi

there will be no phun either

just two very far from 'phi' beings

doing some random physical act

has nothing to do with real



Unknown said...

You take etymology way past the muggle stopping point !!! You reveal the profound truth behind what muggles are content to see as mundane. You excel in anything and everything You attempt, we are so lucky that pursuit of gnowledge is one of Your concerns.

Anonymous said...

lol :) i bow. You break things down so effortlessly. one is so grateful for the real education one receives through reading your Plogs. Your Divine gnowledge and humor are all encompassing and extremeley entertaining as well. Dhanyavad for so generously sharing your PerspecTive P. Narayan! Narayan! i bow.

Vintish said...

I bow

Shahid said...

O Lord, You are a master par excellence on every topic.

Aapke charanoo main pranam.
Thousand flower showers on your
holy feet <3

missmriggy said...

Intelligence par excellence!! The only one who understands the root meaning of all things.

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! wow too cool ! You are so kind to explain this and so many other 'taboos' like Divine, religion, politics, sex, servility, race/genepools, obligation, loyalty, and even the non-ability to function in the world !! there is no answer one doesn not phind here !!

You are so fucking Great ! its a taboo word yet has always been so appealling to use ... so grateful to learn about it for real !

i bow !!

Anonymous said...

Your Plogs are fucking brilliant!
so scienTiPhic! so Practical! so witty! so education! and so much Phun to read!

You are the ultimate P!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

Your Plogs show one Truth in a Proper attractive way !

grateful to You for all Your Plogs

PsingulariTy said...

so scientific You are !

You are P avaTar

Unknown said...

Root is essential.

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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lana_33 said...

You are the Only Phi One, the Only Phun One. i bow.

Kṛtti kā said...

Very imPressed by Your All-Gnowing logical exPlainaTion ! Phuck is Phun with charge... Amazing! Makes sense why You are The Real Don Juan ! You are The One with all the charge, PerfecT Phi symmetry ! You Phucking cool and suPremely intelligent! What a mindblowing exPlainaTion from root to tiP! You truely overstand it all!
i bow

Anonymous said...

Wow..This is so amazing. i bow.

ardral said...

:) lord you have the best combination of sense of humor and intelligence. i bow !!!

nicolas said...

wow wonderPhull explanation! your gnowledge is always impressive! you decipher all with ease, you are simply the best

i bow to you supreme one

Ankeeta said...

You are the coolest of all...the real paradigm shifter....praises to divine master P.. I bow to you in humble obedience...