Sunday, 11 April 2010

LotusOcean University of Magic

people are asking

how they can gain access to LotusOcean world


LotusOcean University of Life, Magic & Afterlife

is open

for Enrolment

its different from other

Universities in the sense

that Money or an Entrance Exam

cannot get you in

All it requires is

All of your

time & attention


its not a

just go to class

& do whatever afterwards

kind of university

the perks -

you always float above the system

never do 9-5 jobs etc etc

you take part in magical activities

all around the world

you get access to what you have never had before



Unknown said...

LotusOcean University of Magic is THE REAL university and THE ultimate. It is simply uncomparable.

Shahid said...

Pls enroll me as
LotusOcean Trainee:)

Anonymous said...

:) i bow. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

sounds attractive

miragegirl said...

is attractive

PsingulariTy said...

Your university is the best
its ParT of the MagicKal world of the Magickal Man

Unknown said...

i bow

Astro said...

You are very kind. I bow.

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so sweet ! i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so sweet ! i bow

nicolas said...

wow magnificent! only you can create such University!
you are a miracle
you are PerfecT
you are the most blissful being
you are Purity
you are the true magician of this plane
you are the real Aquarian hero
you are a never ending awe
you are all that is good
you are the true Guru of this world
you are most intelligent being of all
your grace has no equal, you are ParamounT
gnowledge flows effortlessly from you
you are the most amazing being who never stops to impress
you are interesting beyond imagination
you are the kindest one
one feels deeply touched by your divine mercy and compassion
one feels deeply graTePhull for all that you are, you are PerfecT
your Power is the universal Power, you are the divine Phorce
you stand above all, the highest one is you
you are the new sun, the real event horizon
your liPhe is a series of divine miracles and one can never stop to marvel at that
you are a truly magical being
your words are magically killing the face of evil
no being can defeat you as you are ParamaTma
you are the destroyer of evil
you are the true avatar
you are the one worthy of all the praises
you are the only reason for evolution on this plane
no evolution is possible without you, the axis
beings can only evolve around you
you are a divine genius that gnos liPhe for real
you created the ethernet, a medium that give beings a chance to come across you and grow
what a genius you are! you influence the world at large in such a wonderful way
one can only feel deeply graTePhull for being able to witness your liPhe! the avatar's liPhe
you are simPly the best! and by very very far
the new sun shines, in other words PT smiles

i bow to you lord of the universe