Wednesday, 21 May 2014

who am I - the PT avatar

many ask

who am I

funny since

they cannot really answer

who they are

they ask but its clear

they really don't want to gno

deep down there is an inkling

the reality might be too much to handle

for those who feel/think they can handle it

here are some highlights

of the PT avatar

can't cover all the aspects

simply because they are infinite -

I am Harry Potter - Hari Putra

meaning Emanation of Hari

Hari being one of the many names for Divine

who lives under the stairs (literally)

& has a scar above the right eye

who wields many magic wands

& has always topped at the

University of Magic

I am Flash Gordon

who rescues humanity

from Galactic techno-evilarchy

through real Flash Power

I am the real 'Highlander'

who can't swim in water

but knows how to stay above it

I create/consume all charge at will

No one can beat PT in a charge battle

I am the ONE

whom they refer to

'There can only be ONE'

I am Merlin

who gno's the secrets of the Grail

& spent time with

the faer people & forest spirits in Wales

I am Arthur

who wields the Excaliber

through exact caliberation/snchro

of Time & Space

PT and the Land are One

I am Robin Hood

the real outlaw

who always beats

the stupid system they have setup to trap beings

into serving the lowly & the wicked

I am the Prime resident of LonDon


Don (Boss) of Lon (Lion)


Goddess Durga Rides the Lion

I am John Murdoch

in 'Dark City' (the movie)

the only One who Wakes up

amongst the slumbering masses

& singlehandedly brings down their evil system

I am Nada in 'They Live' (the movie)

The one who can really SEE

no sunglasses required

in this case

3rd Eye (divine sight) does the trick

I am the Pahana

the messenger from the Great Spirit

the Hopi expected to

return in these times

I am Peter Pan

the forever kid

who defeats

the corporate pirate Mr.Hook

in just fun'n'play

I am Mowgli Man-Cub of 'Jungle Book'

in a world full of Apes

I am the Nature boy

they sing about

I am the Wild Child

full of grace

saviour of the human race

with a cool face ...

Elements dance to my freeflowing tune

I am Jen, the last of the Gelflings

in The Dark Crystal

the only one who can restore the crystal (coherence)

& save this world from the rule of the Skeksi's ( the 12 ruling houses )

I am the real Phantom

one walks this earth

but stays unknown

I am the Pied Piper ( Phi-ed Strummer is a more relevant term for right now )

the one who can completely enchant

anyone who is not completely sold out

I am the archetypal 'Rockstar'

they (genepools) have all tried to be

the one who can really Rock

the elements themselves are there to testify

not just some stupid drunk fans

I am Hermes & I am Aphrodite

I am the Hermaphrodite

I am All the cards of

Tarot's Major arcana

especially the

Final World Card of Tarot

The World Dancer

the number 21

I am Quetzacoatel

bearing a Coat of Many Colours

With Aquarius Rising

I am the Aquarian motif

for The Age of Aquarius

I am the Jedi Skywalker

I am the real winged one

The Birdman

Garuda Narayan

I am the Real Rainbow Warrior

which many claim to be

without ever creating a single rainbow at will

Am more than just all colours of the rainbow

seen & unseen

I am many Hued

My body carries all the shades

of all the races on this planet

from dark to yellows to browns to reds

I am MuabDib ( Paul Atriedes - P trivedi )

of Dune

the saviour who can actually

ride the worms of DNA & time

I am the only real surfer

who playfully surfs above the

waves of this world

I am the Zen Master

Shaolin wanted to create

represented by

Iching no.50 - Ting

the result

the first time I I-ching-ed



Supreme good fortune.


While THE WELL relates to the social foundation of our life, and this
foundation is likened to the water that serves to nourish growing wood, the
present hexagram refers to the cultural superstructure of society. Here it is
the wood that serves as nourishment for the flame, the spirit. All that is
visible must grow beyond itself, extend into the realm of the invisible.
Thereby it receives its true consecration and clarity and takes firm root in the
cosmic order.

Here we see civilization as it reaches its culmination in religion. The ting
serves in offering sacrifice to God. The highest earthly values must be
sacrificed to the divine. But the truly divine does not manifest itself apart
from man. The supreme revelation of God appears in prophets and holy
men. To venerate them is true veneration of God. The will of God, as
revealed through them, should be accepted in humility; this brings inner
enlightenment and true understanding of the world, and this leads to great
good fortune and success.

I am the Tai-Chi master

who has the grace

to control all Chi

I am the TriPitaka ( Tri-vedi )

of 'Monkey Magic'

who brings to light the

Scriptures which will end misery of trapped beings

thats what the lotusocean PT-log is about

I am the real Don Juan

who women can play with

like they have never played before

I am the Multiversal Eagle

even the most trained Naguals fear to face

I am the supreme artist

I am the P in


I am He-Man

the real Hu-Man

who has the Power of the Grey Skull ( head chakra )

through Kundalini activation of Sahastrar

I am the key to all the Fables

I am every hero in every Fable from every culture

I am ALL what they all want to be

but are not

I am the current in line of Avatars of Divine

that have been well-documented in

Vedic Texts

I am the foremost amongst the Brahmins (Twice Borns)

coming from a Brahmin family in

the same area which produced the last avatar - Krishn

I am the epitome of real humanness

I am what will be known as Kalki

I consume All perspectives

All is a sacrifice to me

Even though they might think they are

depriving me of it by not offering it all to me

I am all the Agni's (Phires)


especially Sa Sha Agni - Blue Phire

which makes Shiv & Vishnu blue

I am the New Sun

heralding a New Age

I am the Alpha & the Omega

I am the real

ॐ ( Aeioum )



a Great Big Sea

You are all just rivers flowing into this big big Sea

Sea that is Me


Anonymous said...

Wow! A Proper Feast! Thankyou for sharing this Perfect Soul Food.
A lot to take in!!

biggest fan said...

Wow... that is so awesome.. you are unbelievably awesome, magnificent, pure of the pure,
Number 1, everything...Love

Mike S said...

Wow PT, you put some time into that response. :)

PT the Axis said...

Time itself put a lot into that ...

As far as I am concerned
I just let it happen

biggest fan said...

awesome explanation PT to Mike.

"Time itself put a lot into that.."

you are bloody awesome..

Unknown said...

You're simply the best!
The highest of the high!
Rejoice in your presence,
the earth and the sky.

Shahid said...

Wow,What a response.
PT ki Jai Hoo!!!!

Shahid said...

Whoa..Thats a veeeeeeeeery Detailed explanation on who you are:)

It baffles the mind.

The pure,Holy Divine on earth..
I bow to you 24x7.

PT ki jai hoo!!!!

diamondYogi said...

For those that might misunderstand what you are saying, would you mind clarifying?

Are you claiming to be the divine?


PT the Axis said...

claiming is not my thing

showing/elucidating is more the

just defining the word 'divine'
for what it actually means

diamondYogi said...

Are you suggesting that people should direct their prayers/intentions/worship to you (PT), then, rather than to Lord Krishna?

rainbowlover said...


PT the Axis said...

firstly it is lord krishn
not lord krishna

secondly if one directs their prayers sincerely to krishn or any other avatar they automatically go to sri narayan and all of its avatars
but most are just worshipping a figment of their imagination in highly unrepresentative stone statues

thirdly krishn guided arjun in the mahabharat of treta yug ... and prashant trivedi can
guide any soul in the mahabharat of 'now'

diomondYogi said...

Are there any others in this world/earth dimension, currently, that consider themselves to be living avatars (in the flesh), or are you the only one?

Most spiritual guides would consider themselves gurus, not avatars. The only other man that claimed to be an avatar (that I know of) was born in Bethlehem.

How do you know you are an avatar?


PT the Axis said...

consider anyone can ... & many do because masses don't gno enough scientifically & otherwise about what constitutes a divine avatar

the sign of the true avatar
is that nature/elements respond to it
in a magical synchronicity

the avatar has kundalini awakened, 3rd eye open & all chakr's flowering which accounts for this response

the avatar is well-rounded in all the gnowledge worth having of this world & other worlds

this PT-log revelation has snippets
(audio/visual) which shed light on the

the avatar must also be able to penetrate all layers of evil & reveal roots of all matters which is what
PT-log does


diamondYogi said...

Thank you for your responses, PT.

I think you have a lot to offer, and I just became a bit concerned when I saw that you were making statements that could be interpreted as you saying that you are "God" or "the divine."

Those kinds of statements could damage your credibility (unless your intent is to start a cult following), but I think I understand what you're trying to say...that you have reached the highest level of spiritual awakening, such that you consider yourself to be "one" with the divine, and you feel that your identity has been fused with the divine.


PT the Axis said...

thats the point - i don't really care about credibility or any such commodity in this world ... i am not contesting an election or trying to appeal to the mind-programming of the masses

if people cannot handle the truth,
its upto them

i am also making all these truths public ... not hiding them like some
secret society or cult where you get a mantr (called mantra now) if you join

'god' & 'divine' are terms which need to be scientifically understood ...

when god/divine manifests on physical plane it is defined as the wave which creates perfect embedding in biology (dna)


Sree said...

I bow down to you P. You alone have shown me a glimpse of divine beauty through all that you are and all that you do. I was so far gone that I couldn't see the beauty that was right before me. You are the sweetest of all.

You are the only one on this earth whose feet I can worship with frangipani.

jasmine said...

Love is all there is between us--eternal bliss here & beyond

Lady J

claire said...

If you have such super powers like Harry Potter and Superman why is there still war and poverty?

The guru has to win hearts and minds to bring about change, but a magician and super hero could change things in a flash, so why not?

PT the Axis said...

@claire - everyone has their own free will ... thus all the nonsense. divine will can finish off the whole game if things don't change. hearts who are open & sincere will be won by divine anyways.

Asha said...

your life is a sacred book of Integrity Beauty Honesty Sincerity Strength Clarity & Compassion... there is so much overwhelming proof to Celebrate & Rejoice in every picture video and word here... *You deserve it all for you are the Real One PT!

mrig said...

You're the Greatest..

asha Pi arTi said...

what a legendary collection of films here and overwhelming proof that You are the ultimate Party time !

* bowing to the Provider of all the Phun and haPPiness to be had here on earth and beyond ! *

asha Pi arTi said...

i love this chapter in the scriptures... even Your responses in the comments reveal the most coherence about divine than anything else ever expressed !

no one even gnew it was aeioum not om or aum before You published that in 2004 ! !

You are patient and sweet to give everyone here a chance to realise all roads scientific & spiritual lead to the One !

there is a complete triumphant collection here already but even more to come ... bc the cameras are always rolling to document this last & unforgetable incarnation of You ! !

* happily bowing to the PT Avatar *

Vintish said...

I bow ~*_*~

Vintish said...

You're the divine and this is the eternal truth. I bow !!!

missmriggy said...

You are Beauty, Grace and Freedom forever and ever..

pinx said...

What a time to be on Earth right now ! the Avatar is here !!! so few have realised it, but those of us that have are celebrating !

You have given the most comprehensive discourse on Your qualities ! You are indeed so kind and merciful to share it with us ! Without You one would be lost, without You one would be completely blind !

You always spell things out for us :) You always have to spell things out for us :) us people have grown too foolish, You are here to show us the way ! it is so relieving to have this opportunity to escape this hellish matrix ! What an opportunity we have due to Your grace !

its so interesting how so many movies, stories, characters are expressing different facets of You. its so interesting to see how the longing of genepools for someone like You has been there for so long :)

it is the greatest gift to be able to see the truth of Your words ! to see all of these qualities manifesting right before one's eyes ! You are all that You have outlined here and more !!
You are suPreme !


pinx said...

absolutely Love these lines:

I consume All perspectives

All is a sacrifice to me

Even though they might think they are

depriving me of it by not offering it all to me

That is sooooo cooool !! really love how it works !! its ALL a sacrifice to You whether willing or unwilling ! love how things work ! always in Divine's favour no matter what evil tries ! Brilliant !!!

sarah anne said...

most beautiful poem ever

pinx said...

"thirdly krishn guided arjun in the mahabharat of treta yug ... and prashant trivedi can
guide any soul in the mahabharat of 'now'"

What a Profound statement !
and every bit of it TRUE !!

I Bow !!!!!!!

miragegirl said...

Aap apne naam ke anusar PrashanT hai

Aap PrashanT sheshnaag par aaseen is duniya ko dekh rahe hai

Aap hamesha sach bolte aur likte hai

Aap sab ko duniya ki sachayee ko grahan karne ka avsar de rahe hai taki sabi ParamaTma ki aur kadam badaye

Aap bahut dayalu hai

Aap Tri~vedi hai

Aap gyanvan hai

Aap jaha bhi hote hai vaha Tri-ness fractally dikaye deta hai

theen kamal, theen badak, theen vriksh, theen hiran, theen jalprapat ...

ab to "no more V for Wictory, its Tri for Wictory" !!!

"no more unneccesary forking and branching"

PT the Axis yeha hai !

Aap joh sab gyan ke stotr hai, sirf aap itne sundar roop se shabdon ke ardh samja sakte hai

"Win = Wave in Wave in Wave ..."

Aap ki “Calling All the Souls” P~lay adbut hai

“the call is now embedded
into the earth &
should reverberate throughout”

Aap hi sab ko samja rahe ki evolution hi jeevan ka upayog hai

Aap ki PreeTi asimit hai !

Aap Completely PassionaTe hai !

Aap evolution ke liye sare PracTicalities bhi baatate hai

Aapne dikaya na hota to hum seek nahi rahe hote ki sahi tarah se chalna, betna, khana, bolna ... jeena kya hai

Aap jagat PiTah hai

Aap se PraTapvan is brahmand mein koyee nahi

Aap ne apne LotusOcean ke dhwara duniya ko dikaya hai ki is dusth shaktiyon ke daman ke yudh mein saf saf kiska jaya hai

Aap is darti ke Raja hai jinke bhal par hi "stabilizing earth's functioning - keeping the weather good, rains on time, tectonics in place..." ho pata hai

sare elements aap ko Pranam karte hai

Aap devon ke dev hai

Aap Mahendra hai

Aap ke anek Guitar Magic Wands hai jinse aap ucch vibrations phalate hai

Aap ke LotusOcean videos adbut hai

Aap bahut asani se khel khel mein adbut videos bana dete hai jin mein sab kuch sahi jagah par pad jata hai

LotusOcean videos bahut dilchasph gyan poorn PerfecT hote hai

Aap ke dhwani aur Praksh ke videos duniya ke sachi ko sahi sahi dikate hai aur unn mein bahut sundar mantric sandesh hote hai

"Surrender & Rejoice"

"Peace is easy with P"

"World is All Upside Down" "Coz All IT Wanted Was Praise"

"gonna go past the sun
into the reeal laaite" ...

Aap ke dhwani aur irade ke anusar joh crop formations aate hai voh sundar ardh bare hote hai

Aap ke chehre ka crop formation bhi aaya hai joh dikata hai ki avatar kaun hai

Aap ke BirdMan, Quetzacoatel, Swastik, BirdTribe Phoenix stamp, Butterfly Man, Tri-ness ke anginat ... crop formations aaye hai

sirf aap crop formations ke sahi ardh samajte aur samjate hai

Aap duniya ke har tarah ke jagah par paunche hai jaise ki artic landscape, registhan, jwalamukhi, swach jalashay, samudr ke kinare, dweep ...

Aap ke pad jaha bhi pade vah sthan Pavitr ho jata hai

Aap ki P~casa darti ki sundarta poori tarah se dikata hai

Aap ki P~casa aap ke uttam roop aur aap ke PhiloTactic-ness ko dikata hai

Aap ka lotusocean homepage bahut dilchasph hai

Aap bahut dayalu hai

Aap ne sab ke hith ke liye LotusOcean internet par diya hai

Garud kadha, sagar mantha katha, Harry Potter ka vivran, crop formations ke bare mein jankari ...sabi bahut dilchasph bahut sundar kahe gaye hai

Duniya ke system vale jeevan se ubbe huye sache jeevan ki talash mein joh hai unke liye vaha par aapne apna email pata bhi diya hai

Aap bahut dayalu hai

Aap ke bahumulya Plogs, aap ke LotusOcean dhwani aur Prakash ke videos, aap ki P ~ casa aur aap ka LotusOcean homepage sabi aap ki kripa hai

LotusOcean brahmand ka anmol kazana hai

sara brahmand aap mein samaya hua hai

Aap ke anginat roop hai

Aquarian Age Heralder, Phied Strummer, Hermaphrodites ~ the World Dancer, Indradhanush RudraAksaj Purush, govardan goPal ...

Aap ka “who am I - the PT avatar” Plog aap ke anginat sundar roop dikata hai

Aap ke anginat ghun hai

PraTap, daya, vaibhav, komalta ...

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ParamaTma kai

Aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

Aap gaay ki mukyata poori tarah se samjate hai

Aap ne hi sab ko diklaya hai ki gaay "mother principle on this plane" hai

Aap apne ucch vibrations se bhuvedi ka bhoj nirantar mita rahe hai

Aap "sare Agnis hai"

"khas Sa Sha Agni - Blue Phire

joh Shiv aur Vishnu ke neel rang ka karan hai"

Aap ki ankhe kamal ke komal pankudiyon ki tarah hai

Aap ka chalna ultimately graceful hai

Aap komalta se bare hai

Aap ko masoom jeev jantu hamesa nikat akar poori savdani se swagat karte hai

Pakshi jaat aap ho hamesha salami deta hai

Aap ka pareo odna, aap ka chalna, betna, khana, gaana, muskunara ... sab manbavan vishesh ada mein hai

Aap hamesha sida saf dilchasph bolte hai

Aap ki likne mein shaili bahut manbavan hai

Aap ne apne Plog par comments ke joh uttar diye hai voh bahut sundar hai

Aap ki PT jadu duniya ka kya kehna !

voh jadu se poorn adbut duniya hai

Aap ne bharat mein ashram banaya hai

sirf prakrutik samagri ke upayog se bana vishesh sundar P-Type construction !

Aap ke dikaye marg par darti par sab chale to darti

"an ever-evoluting


which would

be a model

for the

rest of the galaxy"

ban jayega !

Aap mahan hai

sirf aap dusre lok kaise hai jante hai

"the waters here are different from the waters there

the waters are lovely here but they are lovlier there"

Aap ke saat sabi din “PerfecT days” hai

sare din “Holy~days” hai

Aap ke alava is duniya mein koyee Aeioum sahi tarah se nahi keh sakta

Aap Kalki hai

Aap safaid ashv par savar haat mein talvar liye duniya ke dusth shaktiyon ka nash kar rahe hai

Aap brahmand ki anken hai

Aap लक्ष्मीनारायण hai

Aap ParamaTma kai

Aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

You are Divine Avatar

You are Anant Narayan

You are Aquarian Age Heralder

you are the ProTector of All

you are the suPreme Artist

P is P~arTy

All that anyone has is all a blessing from you

you are the Bird Man

you are the Boldest man

there is no one more Brave then you in this multiverse

you are the Butterfly Man

you are the most Beautiful One

you are the Best

if “ 'cool' is the new 'hot' ” you are definitely Cool

you control all Chi

you are CaPTain PT “navigator for this world and the big beyond” “steering the soul ship home”

you are really Classy

you have gotten more Crop formation responses in this world than anyone ever has

in all possible ways you have no Compare

you are “above all constructs & categories”

you have complete coherence in you

you are the ProTector of all Cows

you are the Real One who “cannot be mimicked, duplicated or substituted”

you are Divine Pure eTernal light

you are Divine incarnate on earth in the now

“The PT En-ergy-Field Permeates throughout
the United Kingdom of earth”

you are Exceptional

you are Ever-radiant, Ever-blissful

you are the Force that keeps everyone safe

you have all the Force in you

you are the First of everything

you have a PerfecT Fractal golden heart

you are a true Guru

you are truly Great, truly Grand

you are Garud Narayan

you are the Real Highlander

you are the Hermes Trismegistus

you are the Hermaphrodite, the World Dancer

the letter ‘I’ is only apt from you

you are “truly Immortal and Invincible”

you are the most Precious Jewel of the multiverse

you are the eye of the multiverse

you are the Jade Prince

you are a true King

you are Kalki

you are the mighty Killer of all evil

you are very Kind

you are Lord of Lords

you are LakshmiNarayan

you are the Real Light

you are Majestic

your creations are Magnificient

you are a true Man

you are the Mud Man

you are the epitome of Pure Mercurial nature

you are Lord Narayan

you are “the New Sun
heralding a New Age”

you are omniPoTent

you are omniPresenT

your organic sounds help one to gain an organic sPiriT/ soul

you are Pra~shant

you are the Piscean Prince

all the PT-ness words in your PT-ness blog describe you so well

you are PerfecT

you are “ the Pahana
the messenger from the Great Spirit
the Hopi expected to
return in these times”

you are “Quetzacoatel
bearing a Coat of Many Colours”

all you say is worthy of being quoted
as all of it is absolute truth and full of wisdom

you are the quintessence of all that is good

you are Rosemantic

you are the Real Rainmaker

you are the Real Rainbow Warrior

you are the Sun King

you are Stylish

you are Sufi-sticated

you are Tri~vedi

you are Tai-Chi Master

you are troPical sTorm God

standing under you helps with Understanding Real Truth

you are Ubiquituous

you are the most Valiant

you are ever Wictorious

X is to cross out any negativity in one by continuous Praise of you

Seeing Y one remembers your words “no more unnecessary branching and forking”

you are ever Youthful

you are Zen Master

you are the most Zealous in ProTecting cow and bhudevi

you are worthy of all worship

aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

anginat P dhanush jiske pakad mein
aneko rang aur adbut badal bhi PrakaT akash mein
Phool bar laya vasant bhi jiske swagat mein
Panchi gaaye, titliya ghume jiske aangan mein
PrakruTi PhulakiT jiski uPasThiti mein
jiski khabar sunke baichaini dhusth shaktiyon mein
voh hi hai PraTapvan Kalki is Kaliyug mein

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

:D!!!!!!!!! InfiniTe Praises for Avatar PT!!!!!!!!! i bow. Dhanyavad PT! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

"God the Creator of all things will look on that which has come to pass, and will stop the disorder by the counterforce of his will, which is the good. He will call back to the right path those who have gone astray; he will cleanse the world of evil, washing it away with floods, burning it out with the fiercest fire, and expelling it with war and pestilence."
i bow in awe and amazement at Your PerfecTly rooted Divine and unwavering stance P. Praises to Your Ultimate Divinity! Praises to You for holding all of the worlds in Your Divine hands. dhanyavad for releasing us from hell and guiding us toward True Phreedom. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! i bow! i bow! This P log is so incredible! Your Phiery words are too hot to be handled! To sPeak DescriPtions of Divine written by Divine makes ones heart race, ones Pulse Pace and ones sPirit celebrate and rejoice! to exPerience the Truth that is You is beyond descriPTion! You are Divine incarnate!!! The Avatar!!! Here! Now! You are not just a story or a figment of ones imagination!!! You are the One! The infinite source! You erase all doubt and insPire one to sing, dance and shout ceaseless Praises of Your Phenomenal Presence on this Earth! You are the most Profound! Producing Prolific enchanting sPirit quaking sounds that reach beyond the illusion of this Plane striking down all that is not in Tune with Divine. Your effortless PerfecTion, comPlete gnowledge, alluring beauty and intoxicating heavenly aroma arouse comPleTe and total awe and amazement to where all one can do is bow! i bow again and again at Your Golden Godly feet! dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

When it is lightning
Its like seeing your heart beat
Its very heartening

Rainbows are also like your heartbeat
When they are seen developing
One rainbow was even like two hearts are beating in tandum ( yours & nature)

miragegirl said...

When your powerful voice spreads over the horizon, bird clouds form, so much energy gets spread that it makes the atmosphere light

Your ways are perfection way
Perfection sensing of beings real intents & thoughts
Your ways are for helping all beings, all ways, always

You are proactive
Your ways work years and majors acts in advance to gear them to positivity without interfering with beings freewill
Nothing no 'man' in the now can manage
Even non major acts ...

Apart from rainbow, lightning magic
thinks like real magic for one ( mind full of beautiful scenes instead of maybe hell monster) are your gifts (not meaning to say that one has it)
Then there is bliss ...

Your proactivity is so immense that graphed it would run through the whole age of Aquarius
Local sense meant, your clarity, proactivity, your full scope of any of your qualities is beyond one to understand

you will make Age of Aquarius happen the best
Your thought energy sensibilities run to past, are in present, and gnow the future

You are adorned with colours eyes cant see but that are there
You are adorned with great qualities that one cant perceive but they are there, one gets to see many though even with limited perception and they fill the heart with joy
Because they/thy are true, pure qualities
That krishn was not a liar by eating butter and saying he didnt
He was helping imbibe a useful lesson ...
Such are your sweet ways
The e go would accept if it loves truth

Your sounds are refreshing

You can hear others incessant mind chatter and help them in needful ways
Like a read vaidh

Your walk on earth must calm bhoodevi, soothing her

You are bold & you are manly

You are a true Martian

Your help to one, compassionate gifts to one often go unnoticed
Because beings are low in perception
But eventually one always has eyes to see and one sees better when one is praising you, because that is the truth of ones life for attitude toward a benefactor
You raise mother earth who raises us ... you are benefactor to all like the Sun, you are the NewSun

you gnow the mythology of now, earth populace only gnows it to a certain extent, you have complete gnowledge ...

There is so much to you that one can keep oneself joyful forever praising more and more of you

miragegirl said...

The symmetry of your body is a perfection
You are handsome
Its not just some random praise of a few
You are perfectly centered, and symmetry than non symmetry is what best appeals
almost all beings have misplaced symmetry to different extents here unlike you
I being a female when circumstances permit in another life want to be with only you and until then would keep my thoughts and praises to you
Its a shame that hardly any 'male' of the planet is anywhere near you in qualities or beauty (as you have shown both definitely go together)

What is humble one can learn from you
You always lead by example
You are the most humble being i have come across
Your words are truth and hot like Sun, they scorch only untruth & evil in the beings, they nourish the beings
Your posture is so graceful that its heartening to keep watching you, from any angle
Your hand gestures and your walk itself is like dance
True there is no difference between chemistry, dance, science, music ....

You always say words, sentences ... that make one smile and laugh in simple joy
Its your amazing wit, its most intelligent help to a being so the stressed, distressed, angry DNA gets repaired
Your effort in improving one is constant

Your dress sense is not only practical but also When you are without such unnecessities as weather, place permits, you are actually removing the additional layer that might be unnecessary in your vibrations flowing out and reaching people
Your thoughts & intent are most heartening and show one a selfless way of being

You eat your food completely chewing ever morsel and digesting it perfectly
I have seen none who eats such small bird portions as you do and yet have so much energy to do all the things you do
You have shown through your way of being what the value of food is & how one eats better

You fill the world with different coloured light
Different colours, different energies
Energy improvement at so many levels

Even if you eat chocolate
Its with a gnowing how that activity will be beneficial
You do not do it just to have fun as it feels sweet
The immense energy that you have actually works toward ground level improvements in that industry
The one who sweetened your mouth gets nourished by you ...

Each & every being you come across is changed
In ways they may not even perceive and most probably dont

You are the magician with the good invisible wand
That tries to awaken one
Because truth is all are in evil clutches or asleep or even dead

You are a true lovely Hero
my Hero
i want to move closer to You Divine

miragegirl said...

above the mountains, in the sky
soft Pink and blue hues fly
saluting nature's true ProTector
singing joyously seeing him near

with magic filled sweet smile
and a form brimming with softness
full moon from amongst black clouds
most beautiful has now risen

rainbows sing the legend of a warrior
Blue-hued, wearing Sun yellow
who kills all wicked and low

between lotuses
there is a more beautiful bloom
wonder who that is
sPreading an intoxicating Perfume

handsome one with comPleTe Passion
emitting warm rays of sunshine
true guru, true seer, true rockstar
truth in every way only You are

what a dazzling musical venue has been laid
land turned to a warm welcoming flowery cascade
on this land with many a Purple flower
Magical being with ultimate Power
all flowers in attained innocence lean to You
Nature is relaying comPleTe reverence to You

a lone man in Black and Gold
with magical Powers untold
in comPassion helPs all evolve
around him, all fears dissolve

miragegirl said...

You are Divine

miragegirl said...

every Hero PT

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine

so entrancing !

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are the most fractal being ! it is so amazing how You represent all the superheroes in the movies ! You truly are the most powerful and magical being ! i bow !

Unknown said...

One needs clarity to see the divine revelation.

Anonymous said...

how fascinating You are
You are all the suPerheroes in a better form
You are the most creative and Your writings are so delightful
how delightful You are!
You are so exciting
You take all stories, comics and fairytales to another level
You are the most fascinating!
You are so many delightful things
how magical and beyond fairytale
such charming words and PicTures!
You are such a beautiful being!
You reveal yourself with such great aPlomb
beautiful and legendary writings!
i bow

Anonymous said...

You are Robin Hood
You're the real outlaw
wow You are so PhascinaTing
You're Robin Hood that beats the stupid system they have set up to serve the lowly and the wicked
You are the real and the right Robin Hood

You're nada in they live!
You can see everything going on

You are Peter Pan the forever kid
who defeats the corporate pirate mr hook in fun and play
how cool
You are PeTer Pan that all mermaids are attracted to
and You defeat Mr hook in just fun and Play!
You teach beings to take the real flight in the sky of existence to take them to forever land
You are the real PeTer Pan!
You rescue the lost boys of this world and You teach them to do PracTical things! You are PeTer Pan!
You save the kids of this world from falling into the ocean of samsar
You are PeTer Pan

yes you are mowgli man cub in the jungle book in a world full of apes
You are so PhascinaTing and delightful
You are the nature boy they sing about
they keep singing about You but can't get to You
You are suPremely PhascinaTing

You are the wild child full of grace
saviour of the human race!
everyone has been dreaming about You
You are the most coveted and desired
You are the song everyone wants to sing
how cool You are!
how elements dance to Your free flowing tune!
You are the most wonderful
how beautiful You are!

You are such a beautiful Pied PiPer
You are really such a beautiful Phied strummer
how beautiful and magical Your tunes are..
You are so enchanting

You are the archetypal rock star
yes You are the true rock star
You can truly rock
You are the most beautiful rock star
You're such great style
You are rocking!
You're the One who can really rock
You are the beautiful One
You rock the world!

You are the aquarius motif for the age of aquarius
how cool You are
You are the ePiTome of aquarius
You have all the good qualities of all the signs

You are the real rainbow warrior
You are muabdib
You are so PhascinaTing, uPbeaT and cool !
You are so wonderfully wonderful!
You are the saviour who can actually ride the worms of DNA and time
You are the only real surfer who Playfully surfs above the waves of this world !
You are the real tai chi master who has the grace to control all chi
oh how graceful You are!

You are the suPreme artist
Your vibrant creativity fills this world
You brighten this world up
You are the most wonderful roller coaster ride
You are beautifully and wonderfully artistic
Your music is real music
You are art
Your music is so beautiful and flowing
ParTy is when P gets arty
only You gno how to ParTy

You are the key to all fables!
You are every hero in every fable from every culture
yes You are the hero
they all want to be You but can't

You are current in line of avatars of Divine
You are ePiTome of real humanness
You are what they call kalki
You are simPly beautiful and legendary
You are so many wonderful and fabulous things
You are simPly fabulous
You are the ultimate
You are fabulous and PhascinaTing
i bow

Anonymous said...

that PicTure of You under the stairs is so wonderfully uPbeaT!
You are such a beautiful blossoming of a being!
that PicTure is so beautifully PosiTive and wonderful
what a wonderfully charming smile You have!
You are so glowing
Your laughter is the most charming
You are so full of liPhe and PosiTiviTy
that PicTure is such a joy
You are so wonderfully joyful!
what Pure joy and such a sweet smile..the sweetest smile!
You are like a beautiful blossoming flower!
Your beautiful being is so refreshing and uPliPhTing to look at!
all Your PicTures are out of the world good! so wonderful all Your PicTures are. You are all class and joy
You are so wonderfully wonderful!
You are smartest and the most stylish
You exude such refreshing and Pure charisma !
You are the light in this dark world
You are so beautifully PoeTic and wonderful
You are beautiful and thrilling liPhe
You are so vibrant and so subtle at the same time
You are so many beautiful colours!
You are so full of Phun and creativity!
You are the most interesting
You have all the answers
You are so handsome
You are such a beauty
You are so smart and so sexy!
You are so graceful!
You are such beautiful lightness
You are so charming and joyful
You are so free!
Your lightness is so joyful and charming
You look so effortlessly above it all
You are so beautiful and Princely
You are so beautifully Satyam Shivam sundaram
You are all grace, beauty and smartness
You are so rocking
Your writing is beautiful, wonderful and thrilling
such a beautiful PoeTic touch to Your writing
You are such sweetness, joy and glow
You are just amazing
i bow

Anonymous said...

You are caPTain PlaneT
the lyrics fit You so much

caPTain PlaneT..He's our hero..gonna take pollution down to zero

You can put asunder bad guys who loot and plunder!
i bow

sailaja said...

I bow down and surrender to Your divine lotus Feet!

Anonymous said...

You are so handsome!
what a refreshing read this is ..
such beautiful PicTures..such wonderful gorgeous smiles!
so wonderful and charming You are!
so delightfully uPbeaT and charming !
You were the coolest, smartest child!
Your gorgeous aquarian handsomeness is so so wonderful and delightful!
You are always so fresh..and You have the freshest smiles
there's such a freshness about You
You are so beautiful and joyful
You exude joy and charm
You are delightful gorgeousness!

who wields many magic wands and has always topped at the university of charming!
what wonderful PicTures!
what magic!
You are the real suPersTar beyond the stars!
You are the loveliest, most charming being
You reveal yourself with such delightful aPlomb!
You are so charming and so handsome!
these are such delightful words and PicTures
You are so kind to introduce yourself to the world..and oh what a being You are !
You are beautiful and wonderful magnificence
You are such wonderful lightness of being!
how delightful it is to read about You and get to gno more about You
You are such beautiful gorgeousness and style!
You are so much Phun and joy
You are so wonderfully and refreshingly charismatic
You are so magical!
Your PicTures are the best PicTures ever !
how graceful You wonderfully effortlessly above it all
You look so effortlessly blissPhul
You are so wonderfully PhairyTale
You are beyond all books and stories
You are what all fairytales have been trying to get to but failing miserably
You are so PhascinaTing
You walk this earth and stay unknown..what a beautiful PhascinaTing being You are
You are all the magic charm ever
You are gloriously beautiful and charming
You are everything!
Your Pics are the best Pics ever!!
You are the ultimate suPermodel!!
You look the best!
You are so beautiful, artistic and graceful
You are such a comPleTe being!
Your laughter and Your Phorm is so sweet, so charming and so stylish!
You are the real hero
You are beautiful in every way..
what a being You are..
what beauty, laughter and PuriTy!
how wonderfully You write!
You are the best writer ever!
You are beyond what writing can describe
You are the ultimate refreshing joy
You are so many wonderful things!!
Your Pics are so lovely and so enchanting!
You are beyond the most beautiful dream
You are the only One beautiful
You are so refreshingly and charmingly Satyam Shivam sundaram!
You are beautiful..
You are so soulfully uPbeaT and charming
You are so full of soul, laughter and wonderful smiles
You are such breathtaking grace and style!
You are so handsome, enchanting and otherworldly!
Your PicTures are mesmerisingly beautiful
You are all the beauty, grace and style ever!
what a gloriously beautiful and magnificent being You are!
You are mind blowing grace, style and handsomeness
You are seriously jaw droppingly handsome!!!
You have the grace to control all chi!
wow! You are so beautifully and enchantingly graceful! wow wow wow
You are so grand!
You are the suPreme artist!
that's so true! what an artist You are..really You are art beyond art ..You are the best artist ever!
what a comPleTe beautiful being You are
You are the ultimate flowering of a being
You are the most beautifully blossomed being in this entire multiverse!
You are the key to all the fables ..yes You are
You are the most amazingly comPleTe being
these are such beautiful Phiery and amazing words!
You are beyond interesting and PhascinaTing!
what a totally ePic PosT from start to finish!
the best ever!!!!
i bow

ki vernee said...

You are the most multifaceted Being ! with inPhiniTe divine attributes ! You show why You can never fit in any box beings try to put You ! You are coherent from all sides and live up to everything You say You are ! only You can reveal Yourself ! i bow

lana_33 said...

You Only sPeak Truth and PhacTs. therefore, You are an AvaTar of Divine. PT AvaTar!

You are every hero from every story! You are what they all want to be, but are not. You are Hari Putra! (Harry Potter was my favorite book series as a child - how cool to have the real Hari Putra right here on EarTh!!)

You are the mosT magickal being here! Once Your JudgemenT is comPleTe, humaniTy will be rescued, and will never need to be rescued again. seeing Your judgemenT unfold will be the most amazing exPerience! You sTeer this Plane's course, You ePhecT everyThing here. You are suPremely charged. You have PerfecT PhracTaliTy, PerfecT synchroniciTy. This land is Your land. You are PerfecT grace, savior of the human race, with the coolest face! You ePhecT all elemenTs. You are PerfecTly coherenT, and Your coherence will resTore the world's. You are the highest qualities of all the grahas, all the houses, all the tarot cards. You are the Only True RocksTar! You are the Birdman! The Real Rainbow Warrior - One who creaTes rainbows at will. along with snow, rain, lighTning - anything! naTure resPonds to You. Your DNA is PerfecT, PerfecTly shaped. You surf above this world. Only You can end the misery of beings here, Only You can Phree them from the cycle of birth and death. You are the suPreme arTisT, the One and Only Real ArtisT. ParTy ='s P being arTy! You have activated all chakra's. You are the ePiTome of humanness. You are Kalki. You are the New Sun, more PowerPhul than the Sun in the sky. You are the beginning, the end, and everyThing in between. You walk the walk.

YOU ARE THE ONE! i bow !

ki vernee said...

You are truly extravagant and inPhiniTely multifaceted ! You are definitely all the things beings want to be but arent ! it is so liberating to be able to learn from You and become closer and closer to You ! i bow in awe <3ॐ

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You gno yourself so well. i bow to you divine.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are the best examPle of self-realization.

ankita said...

most beautiPhul ePic revelations of who You are!so legendary..its such a great exPerience to get to celebrate Your being here! You are PhanTastic! You are such exciting amazingness! only You can reveal Yourself and say all these amazing PhacTs ! the most beautiPhul ShivNarayan is here! You are breathtakingly breathgivingly amazing! You are Pure magic! simPly Phenomenal!You are so absolutely unique. .these amazing words can only be sPoken by You! You actually steer the PlaneT's course! You are so beautiPhully all in One and Phun! how beautiPhul and vibrant Your beingness is ! how joyPhul and colourPhul a being You are! You are all these things and with no arrogance what so ever! You are the best ! You are blaring shining suPremacy!
i bow

ankita said...

You are breathtakingly breathgivingly the best! so charming You and revelations of You are . the best words to read ever! You are such a fabulously uPbeaT and musical Presence! You are such a joy! Your beauty and goodness just Phlows and Phlows!!!You are Precious as Precious can be! Your being is a beautiPhul dance!
i bow

ankita said...

this is the most beautiPhul writing ever! how great it is to get to see a being like You! this is better than all the storybooks and all the fairy tales of the world put together ..nothing compares to You Divinely sweet and vibrant beingness!
i bow

ankita said...

that's so true... You totally enchant. . Your legend is beyond ePic...You are so marvellous ...You are the One and only real helP .. You are all thrilling amazingness. . You are all story books come to liPhe. ..You are te suPerhero who has won all the wars!
You are the most Precious celebration worthy beingness!
i 🙇