Saturday 16 January 2010

the structure

a structure based on

pain & torture

arising out of evilselfishness

as its base


provide happiness at its top

in this planets current timeline

translucents built the structure

other races/genepools have followed (blindly) suit

now all are collectively trying

their best to uphold the structure

all their energy goes in trying to prove that it works

magazines, movies, festivals, nightclubs, fake smiles ...

lotusocean declares that

this structure has no future

inside (self) or outside (world)

and will fall faster than a pack of cards

its already happening ...


sarah anne said...

I agree! Crazy how good people are at playing pretend.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

miragegirl said...

evil gets fed uP with its own creation !
You are incarnate on earth, only a Divinely structure You would leave behind
Your world is an amazing awing magical delightful world

PsingulariTy said...

You are Kalki, destroyer of evil in KaliYug

Unknown said...

i bow to the divine.
i bow to the lotusocean.
i bow to the live.

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so smart ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You observe everything
the way You observe this world is so imPressive
You really exPose all the foolishness of this world!
really You observe this world so thoroughly and in such a Phun way
perfect training to be a donkey in the next life..
so true!
You make so much sense
Your observations are so spot on and humorous
You are the ultimate observer and gnower
i bow

sarah said...

You called it
the implosion is accelerating even faster now
You are a true seer
i bow

nicolas said...

wow what a BeauTiPhull declaration! the avatar is here!!!
this is amazing!!! you are the destroyer of evil
you are Pure goodness! your Power is the mightiest!
one feels amazingly graTePhull just to be able to witness your existence
you are a never ending awe
you make all better effortlessly! you are absolute PerfecTion

i bow to you all gnoing one

Anonymous said...

You have the highest birdseye view !
You see the totality of this world
this world is based on pain and torture truly.. built on evil wrong attitudes
You are the way forward
Your world is based on wellbeing and phacts and clarity and humility
You are the Avatar, so kind of You to be here

Anonymous said...

the world built by translucents is falling apart right now in 2021
Your are the wisest and truest seer
You were saying this structure will not last long before anybody, and no one at all has the insights You do !
Your Divine foresight is all gnoing
You will always be victorious, the game is Yours

Gita said...

one loves the PhacT how strong You are, so naturally effortlessly confident, the all Gnowing One...

Ankeeta said...

You are so amazing...You are always right and always in centre...Shiv Narayan Prabhu PT....

Frank108 said...

P You have such great discernment ~ You show us how to Properly structure our lives for wellbeing & evolution, the true Purpose of liPhe ~ gratitude for Your kind guidance 🙏 🅿️🙏