Friday, 30 October 2009


the landmass which is now called india

is seen as one country with one people

this happens to be just another fallacy

doing rounds in muggleworld

british just for convenience's sake

called land south of river indus, india

this diverse land has always had

many names for the lands/kingdoms it has housed

it still is home to many different races

with many different languages


gujrati's, bengali's, punjabi's, marathi's, tamils, kannadiga's, sherpa's etc.

who all have different goals, aspirations & ways of thinking

pigeonholing them under the same banner

might be convenient for those

who don't really want to pay attention

but it can lead to lots of wrong deductions & massive confusion

indian national identity is formed by the national language hindi

a language whose actual name is devnagari

which is native only to the people of the gangetic plains

who are now mostly part of a state called Uttar Pradesh (the Northern State)

UP (for short) culture is thus the benchmark for Indianness

but the funny thing is that

most of the people migrating to foreign lands

are not from UP

so indian-ness outside india is being defined

by these other races who are

in reality just wannabe Hindians

this cause immense confusion amongst

minds of outsiders

as to what exactly is an Indian

amongst the masses of the west

they tend to regard almost any black haired person

with brownish skin & a computer-related job as an indian

but that is the description of people from

middle east, pakistan, banagladesh, mexico & south america

and many others

the true vedic gangetic culture & attitude is

still not fully exposed to the world

only little pieces of it like the krishna movement

( which was brought to the west by a bengali )

& vegetarianism float

as no one from that region has gotten into

public eye on a worldwide scale

gandhi, vivekananda and all other past current

gurus like deepak chopra etc.

don't originate from UP

whether this is by chance

or design

or the unreadiness

we'll let loose in the air

for the moment


Anonymous said...

Brilliant blog! Thank you for sharing such comprehensive knowledge about where Bharat is to those of us who have adhered to this mass blanketing of who and what Indians are. No one can just call themselves an Indian either after reading this, it really makes one think.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful blog you have written about this topic !! thank you so much, your blogs are so eloquent and enjoyable to read and always such amazing perspectives that you share about the world.

Anonymous said...

sorry if I didn't understand but are you suggesting that anyone from outside UP is not Indian? You conveniently chose 2 or 3 examples but what about Sri Ramana, Shirdi Sai Baba (NOT Sathya), etc? thanks for your clarification

PT the Axis said...

what i am saying that indian-ness is not a concrete concept but whatever it is from british point of view who coined the term relates to the vedic culture more prevalent in the gangetic plains which is now contained within boundaries of UP.

shirdi sai baba comes from sufi tradition which came about due to muslim scholars coming across gangetic valley civilization.

sri ramana from a lotusocean viewpoint is not an example of an enlightened being even though he is quiet popular in the west.

Ray Lightning said...

Prashant.. I don't think Vedic culture be confined to the plains of Ganges, or even the Indian subcontinent. It is an ancient and eternal way of life.

And most of all.. how can you forget that the rejuvenation of the Vedic culture has come from deep in the south of India ? Adi Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhwa were all South Indian Brahmins..

I like the sound of your music btw.. quite cool.

PT the Axis said...

yes it is an ancient and eternal way but where are the roots and who gno's about it the most in the present is the question.

where did adi shankara get his ego-bursting - varanasi - and where is that - gangetic plains

where were ram and krishn born?

there are certain genepools which have preserved the vedic way better in their blood through continuos observances
& there is no other genepool whether from south india or anywhere in the world which can come anywhere close to
gangetic plain brahmins when it comes to having a full deck.

let any south indian brahmin come forth and i will prove that they are far from complete in a shastrarth.

PT the Axis said...

also certain pockets like gangetic plains have never needed any rejuvination. they have had many direct attacks and colonizations but the essence has stayed coz their wave is

there is a reason why UP doesn't have a stupid film industry while all the south indian states do.

yes these other genepools inhabiting india are good at being hyperactive & making a lot of noise but they are not the real deal.

amongst genepools
there is only one garud and the rest are just snakes. refer to 'garud' story.

Anonymous said...

why have the people of UP (and Amethi specifically) been duped by the Gandhi dynasty then if they're purer and closer to the truth?
I humbly submit that your film industry point is disingenuous as the other states have a film industry that caters to their local language. UP's local language being Hindi - Bollywood in its entirety essentially caters for and is made up in a large part (Khans excepted) by the people of this state.
Amitabh Bachchan is after all from UP - quintessential Bollywood.

I always like reading your blog and your point of view so not arguing with you as such, just trying to raise a few points of discussion.

PT the Axis said...

bollywood is watched by everyone in india not just UP.

the point here is about UP brahmins and not all the castes in UP and the people as a whole.

if you look into amitabh bachchan his mother teji is from what is now Pakistan. he is half khan and his father is just a kayastha.

brahmins were deliberately taken out by the british as the guides of scoiety and of course they put themselves in that position :) all it took was luring of the lower castes which was not very hard and it continues to this day. the gandhi dynasty is just a continuation of that.

PT the Axis said...

ps. am glad that so-called indians are coming out of the woodwork becuase of this little blog. there are 200 + blogs here on lotusocean and haven't heard from them much.

Anonymous said...

Udita Goswami and Priyanka Sharma - to name just two. i'm sure there are some mitigating factors at work...

PT the Axis said...

also regarding bollywood -

the point is that UP would not/could not have come up with bollywood.

it is primarily a punjabi/mararthi enterpirise. fat kapoors up front and the marathi's doing all the dirty work behind including playback singing. bengali's chip in too. they are always up for stage and recognition. females are hired from south indian cinema - rekha, hema etc and sometimes parsi's chip in with a dimple or two. which UP brahmin female is seen in bollywood ?

PT the Axis said...

goswami and sharma are surnames used by punjabi's as well. 'goswami' is not a proper UP brahmin surname.

'sharma' is just a general surname like 'kumar' used by every suresh, rajiv & anil in many states in india. from wikipedia -
"Despite its association with Brahmins, however, all Sharmas are not Hindu."

just being born in UP is not of any consequence. being born from a proper unadulterated line of brahmins in the gangetic valley is the point.

both these females don't fit that bill.
& they are hardly famous anyways.

PT the Axis said...

for anonymous again -

if UP needed a film industry
it would have made one itself.

it seems like too much of a combined effort from the rest just to entertain/target UP.

may be its just their kindness that they have done it all for UP viewers
as they don't really need it themselves.

Curious said...

"sri ramana from a lotusocean viewpoint is not an example of an enlightened being even though he is quiet popular in the west."

What is the lotusocean viewpoint of enlightened and why isnt't sri ramana considered ? What figures in history would be considered enlightened by lotusocean viewpoint?

firefox said...

it seems that in kali-yuga the roots of anything worthwhile are deliberately concealed...

PT the Axis said...
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PT the Axis said...

enlightened beings are one's who are firmly established in the divine & not just following idiosyncracies of a twisted mind ... prahlad,valmiki,gopi's & meera are some examples in this timeline

asha Pi arTi said...

Incredible Beautiful words P.

Your comments here are so clarifying as well, while some must hide behind 'anonymous' through cowardice & is so clear why they can be duped by the translucents.

UP Brahmins are unsurpassed in grace and eloquence and gnowledge... and have all the courage and strength of Divine Backup.

what You say is the Truth and will reverberate throughout Time !

It is pure joy You are here Kalki and as who else but a UP Brahmin to prove the PoinT ! i bow and rejoice !

pinx said...

what a feast of clarity You have shared !

as a westerner, reading this P-log & Your comments here has been very enlightening ! Indian-ness is very confusing for outsiders and something that is never properly defined. too often the image of Indians is a stereotyped one, the true origins of the Great Vedic culture completely obscured by all the false gurus, bollywood, telemarketers, computer technicians et al ! and nowhere is it mentioned how diverse the races of that Land are.

it is so great to learn that UP is the benchmark for Indian-ness, and that it is the UP Brahmins who are the preservers of the Great Vedic culture. indeed before You i was clueless to all of these things, and am so grateful to You for teaching about Vedic culture & attitude. in no other culture can one find such a complete & sophisticated gnowledge system. through observing UP culture one learns what sophistication and civilsation is. One learns that the cow is sacred and worthy of worship. One learns what is humaness. Growing up in the western world is like being raised (lowered) by barbarians, it is the complete antithesis of the UP way. so for me personally to learn about a Divinely orientated culture is a great relief and very humbling.

it is so great how You raise awareness about these things ! and it is no suprise that You were born in a UP Brahminical line ! which other genepool could house the Avatar?

I Bow !

miragegirl said...

PT is here !
its a relief !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Vedic Man

Unknown said...

You carry so much knowledge, you bring everything hidden into light and show the truth!!

Unknown said...

Truth as always.
i bow to divine clarity.
i bow to divine honesty.
i bow to the UP genepool.

Unknown said...

i bow to your acceptance.
i bow to your understanding.
i bow to your response.

Unknown said...

i bow to your clarification.
i bow to your graciousness.

Unknown said...

i bow to your presence.

Unknown said...

i bow to you for resolving anonymity.

Unknown said...

i bow to the UP.
i bow to your response.

Unknown said...

i bow to you for setting it straight.

Unknown said...

"Little blog".
i bow to the divine humbleness.
i bow to lotusocean blogs.

Unknown said...

Pyramid should never be fiddeled with.
i bow to the divine hierarchy.

Unknown said...

i bow to the garud.
i bow to the immortal wave.

Unknown said...

i bow to the gangetic plain brahmins.

Unknown said...

i bow to lotusocean.
i bow to the point it makes.

Anonymous said...

only the greatest uP brahmin of all time can helP low-life like us be of any use at all
i bow to your most beautiful lotus feet

ki vernee said...

You are so smart ! i bow !

Unknown said...

Woah! This is such a brilliant Plog... And your comments are as illuminating!
You have shed some serious light on india and genepools!
You come from a genepool that is a proper unadulterated line of gangetic plane brahmin having a full deck! You are the real deal, rest are just snakes! You clearly gnow and uPhold the Vedic roots and values! So cool to gnow about UP and UP Brahmins :)
Dhanyawad for your clariPhying words and letting one gnow where one stands and comes from! So grateful that the Avatar is here to uncover all the lies and misconceptions! Dhanyawad for your gracious Plogs /\
I bow at your all gnowing feet /\

veena iyengar said...


Gita said...

Your words brought me to tears and i am not even capable of expressing the reason...

It's still surprising, i am all electrified to have interacted with someone like you who has the supreme and foremost knowledge...

Probably i will never sink in the fact to have been in touch with you...

Its like a new thought which comes to me everyday telling me that i have interacted with you & i go back to square one where i still wonder how all this happened..

It's like i am losing memory every night and the next mrng the memory of u comes back to be and i am startled again...

i keep thinking how me? why was i far away from you/your words/ your knowledge etc all these days...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

only you gno it all.

nicolas said...

wow what an illuminating PerspecTive! no one can fool you!
this is so kind of you to share this because people from the so called "west" have no clue about all this
nothing escape your divine eye
i bow to you all gnoing one