Saturday, 6 June 2009

coping & copulating

most females jump with disgust
at the mere mention of
the word 'copulation'
because in their praiseseeking-at-any-cost fantasyworld
terms like lovemaking, boyfriend, relationship, onenightstand etc.
take precedence
terms which take away from
the real meaning and effect of
the act they hurriedly jump into

before casually copulating
earth girls would do well
to consider -

are they fine with the physical product (sperm)
they are going to receive
which depends upon
the food intake & the processing unit (genetics)
of the male in consideration

females have a habit of caring
a lot for their hygiene (hi-gene)
but all this care goes out of the window
when it comes to real hygiene
related to intimacy with lowgeneic creatures

are they ready to be infiltrated by
the depression & the emotional/psychic filth
of the male under consideration coz
thats what is going to happen
regardless of their wantings or assumptions
all these diseases are transmittable
like other physical sexual diseases

copulation for the hell of it
with beings equal/less evolved than oneself
creates devolution &
a fast descent into the hell of complications
it is a futile twisted attempt at bliss
which just leads to more depression

when made to honestly relive
any of their previous copulations
words like disgusting, vile, traumatic
spring up
it is not without reason that
they have their eyes closed
the lights closed
the mind elsewhere

copulation is more about coping
than anything else
what creature are they gonna cope with
and for how long

propagation of unnecessary actions
which lead to torture
is the intent of evil
& females are programmed
to be at the forefront


sarah anne said...

Its so true, earth girls are so traumatized by their bad decisions. I bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your Pure and PeneTrating Truth restores ones inherent chastity. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

great Plog !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Purushottama
the suPreme being

Anonymous said...

i bow
Divines Plogs are scriPTures to Pay attention to and live by!
real education about everything!
especially for females!
one can't helP but feel overwhelming shame and regret for having ever behaved like a programmed earth girl with evil intent and torturous and hell bound coping mechanisms.
You are always absolutely right about everything P! there is no denying it!
Your words make one regret to have ever lost ones virginity.
to have ever copulated with any male here!
You make it very clear why a female should only ever oPen uP to Divine.
and how dangerous and detrimental it is to do anything in this world without gnoing!
so grateful for the chance to read and bow to Divines words now.
to learn the Truth and unprogram from all the lies one was dumb enough to fall into.
so grateful for the real refuge found at Your feet P!
for the Truth You Provide constantly
the only shelter to seek is the the safety of Divines wings.
i bow.

Unknown said...

Something new and unique I came to know through this post.

"are they ready to be infiltrated by
the depression & the emotional/psychic filth
of the male under consideration coz
thats what is going to happen"

Every female should be aware of it and try to take care of their overall health mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually!!

Unknown said...

i bow to your clarity.
i bow to you for hi-gene.
i bow to your divine words.

sarah said...

sometimes it seems like the more grotesque something is, the more clearly You look at it.
You are so clear about hell, while being the source of heavenliness.
You are so sPecTacular.

Asha P said...

WOW this is so intelligent and comPassionaTe

everyone should read this ... this is real sex education

this is life saving life changing PerspecTives so great to learn

wish had real education before so glad can get real education from You

i bow

Gita said...
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veena iyengar said...

OH my LORD,, amazing..
I Just bow..

Ajay Kapoor said...

Wow, this is the real sex education. Every female should be aware of this. I bow down at your Lotus PheeT!

Lorina said...

Oh yes higher and divine the truth shall set one free how could this ever have been figured out with out your precious presence here on the earth to reveal it So so grateful once again to have you to give my only possession my attention to. I praise you only and I bow to you forever if you please re- member me. Sincerely yours.

nicolas said...

this is such an imPorTant PoinT for females! seeking the higher is the way
you are so kind to share real divine TruTh with the world!
you are the reason behind all evolution
i am really graTePhull for your Presence on this Earth
you are the most amazing of all beings

i bow to you supreme lord

amanda said...

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

one is totally disgusted by ones vile past actions and copulations. so much so one didn't want to face them or honestly relive them before.
one is ashamed for ones many unnecessary actions in this life.
one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

Shruthi said...

Every word in this P-log is so profound yet practical. You give real education, real gnowledge. So many talk about women emPowermenT. Nobody, absolutely nobody emPowers women the way you do. P, every time one reads this P-log, one is reminded of your magnanimity, kindness, and benevolence. You have prevented/saved one from such horrific outcomes and helped maintain integrity of the body, something so paramount for earthlings. How kind of you to explain the concentric sequences that follow the act of copulation! You overwhelm one with your care and compassion. You are the kindest. One always wants to choose you in any form, state or circumstance. You are the caPTain of the heart, always!

One is eternally gratePhull for your divine Presence and loving guidance. One humbly bows down at your lotus PheeT. You are everything and everything is for you.