Friday, 8 May 2009


the evil demiurge knew that

all ensouled beings

within its trap

would at some point or other

feel a need to

turn back towards

'god' - the original creator

in order to escape its painful clutches

so it manufactured religions

which would supply

them with the 'god'

they pined (longed) for

as a result

the dissatisfied beings

would reach a false satisfied state

through revelling in the righteous notions

of worshipping 'god'

when they would be actually

worshipping the 'devil'

thats why gods of these so-called religions

have such strange dictats

one says its okay to eat beef but not pork

the other says it okay to eat pork but not beef

one says its okay to eat all animals

one says the animal be killed slowly

all these gods

much like the devil

believe in killing & torturing other beings

some of them even have foreboding homes like this -

evil demiurge has also distorted

teachings of beings like buddha

who after understanding the truth

tried to spread

divine ideas like non-violence

it has turned them into

you guessed it - religions

its all a simple matter of adding an 'ism'

in which its ok

to eat meat &

non-violence is on the backburner

many people wonder why so many

wars have happened

in the name of religion

when religion is supposed to be about

the worship of the one & only

divine creator

the answer they look for is quite simple

most of the religions of this planet

are about worship of the mammon

not divine


nick said...

it's scary to think how trapped the world is in religion. and all the harm it has created.. and nothing to do with god..

Shahid said...

The world will be a much better place without religion and able men
like you to lead the way..You are truly a wayshower.....

pinx said...

Outstanding words Master PT !!

You are truly brilliant ! am so impressed by Your ability to present the Truth ! Your writings are so logical, comprehensive, precise, clear, honest and wise !

You have summed up so PerfecTly the truth behind religion and reveal exactly what/whom beings are actually worshipping through them ! Excellent choice of images to convey Your PoinTs also !
very imPacTful !

Your writings are the scriPTures for the now ! they are all one needs to read ! You cover so much through Your writings ! all aspects of 3D existence here on Earth right now are revealed in a whole new light !

so great to read this dissection of religion by You ! no-one could have worded it better ! You are the best !

I Bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

I bow ! this is such a Powerful Plog, so important and relevant and liberating ... like all Your words are... Truth !

its so kind of You to point out all the discrepancies happening ... if religions are for relinking one to god then they fail measurably, they don't even relink one to nature !!!

so glad for LotusOcean !! so glad for You !

I bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are exquisite P. dhanyavad for exposing the deep and widespread corruption of religion. this has always been an issue causing one much angst. i bow at the refuge of Your Divine feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

'world is full of fools' who unquestioning follow 'rules' of religion
most of which is fradulent or ignorant non understanding
there are also many fools who would say there is no divinity
in doing that they are taking it on as a religion
instead it would be better if they said/ saw the societal scantioned religions are fraud
their religious ignorant non-understandings are fraud & should be non-existent

Your Plogs give one so much to see & accePT & admit

Divine exists & is most beautiful
Totally awesome, filling one full of awe with its benine manifestations
Divine is totaly rocking, cool, transParenT & Pure in intent & act, full of Truth, Truth itself

Divine is handsome, captivating tremendous beauty
Glory of the multiverse

Divine is same in & out , atom to atom & atom to the Multiverse
It is Coherence in PerfecTion & limitless in existence of it
It is fractal, most fractal, unimaginable amount & level of it

only it can 'LOVE' or be a true comPanion, solace, Hero, entity one Pines for in honesty (mostly when distressed which is sad !)

Joy is with Divine
haPPiness are its feet
and Ultimate bliss & release, Freedom are it

Its a Divine's multiverse
evil is what low beings than it create

Divine is sPace & Time
Divine is thought & act
Divine is Divine

PsingulariTy said...

You are incarnation of Divine
for all, to worshiP.

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow !! its so great to re-read this Plog, there is so much You have taught one about the Gods and Goddesses, Elementals, Higher Realms, this 3-D Plane, how Devil (Devi-L) is not the same as devil, and one has seen so much more nonsense happening now in the name of religion ... the misunderstandings of May 21 and The Jugdgement.

so cool how You PoinT out that buddh was not anti-violence, like how You are not anti expressions of natural reactions towards nonsense and actual anti-Divine anti-Pure Principle ways ... it IS but natural to be intolerant towards nonsense but IT IS ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL Earthlings gno what is nonsense and what isn't ...

that's where Your Plogs and LotusOcean are the Most Important MOST PERTINENT words and Teachings one will ever read !

the way You show how Vedic = Nature, cow-culture, Evolution, nurturing the chakras within one through right actions and words, being a True seeker and most of all being humble towards, bowing and serving those actually Higher (more gnowledgeable) than one are the main way to relink to Divine IS TRUELY the MOST COMPASSIONATE action anyone has done here since the last Avatar was here

i bow to the One True Avatar here now ! You are the Kindest Most Compassionate and Realistic Being one will ever get to learn from here !! so glad You are here P !

i bow !

Unknown said...

"many people wonder why so many
wars have happened
in the name of religion
when religion is supposed to be about
the worship of the one & only
divine creator
the answer they look for is quite simple
most of the religions of this planet
are about worship of the mammon
not divine"

Your golden words are like a sharp golden sword that speaks the truth. People do all sort of stupid stuff in the name of religion, they say they did wrong because, it was due to satan but, they didn't do it. It gives one a good laugh during such situation who at least have a common sense!!

Evilness in the name of religion and stupid rituals!!

Unknown said...

to the Creator, i bow.
to the Divine, i bow.
to the Source, i bow.
to the Phractal, i bow.

Anonymous said...

Powerful Plog

sarah said...

only God can protect people/animals from religions and their followers

ki vernee said...

beautifully put ! You are so kind to save beings from religion ! i bow !

Unknown said...

This is such a great Plog!
You PresenT the PhacTs so eloquently! Your writings are so vivid, so rational, so PotenT!

" as a result
the dissatisfied beings
would reach a false satisfied state
through revelling in the righteous notions
of worshipping 'god'
when they would be actually
worshipping the 'devil' "

This is so true, you have such keen insights, your PerspecTives really are eye opening, they are a food for thought, dePhiTely a lot needs to be re-questioned and reconsidered. And only your Plogs acts as that catalyst for one to do that!
You have such great clarity of everything! Your Plogs are the answers to every question and doubt that one always had!

You exPound on people's​/societies paradigms with powerful and imPacTful reasonings.
You are the only way out of all this hullabaloo! Only you provide with every solution to get out of the evil's machination!

One is deeply grateful for your Plogs/sound and light Philms . No one has exPlained the importance of connecting with the elements, the natural sequence of praising bowing and serving the higher and divine to relink oneself with the divine.
Your comPassionaTe edifying teachings helPs one to realise how unnatural one is and the way to turn it natural.

So glad one can reconnect with the divine in the real actual way that it should be done. So glad that you provide one with that oPPorTuniTy to the beings to learn and praise, bow to and serve you. So grateful for your wise, golden words.

I bow at your beautiful all-gnowing comPassionaTe feet.

asha Pi arTi said...

it so great to re-read this ... how effortlessly You transcend all religions and cults out there and bring everything back to basics !!!!!!!

i bow to suPreme Vedic Reality !!!

i bow the best Teacher of it all, You !!

Gita said...

Will there be a day wen all these religions will break ? will the day come wen all of us surrender to the divine and no evil exists ?

Will the day come wen we all resort to the old Vedic days and all off us seek the real bliss ?

Unimaginable with a all off non divine actions are happening... :I

Ajay Kapoor said...

Such an important and Powerful PLog, you present such a gnowledgeable and clear explanation. You have saved many beings from falling into the trap of manufactured religions. I bow down at your Lotus PheeT.

nicolas said...

so true what you wrote!
your words are always so Phull of sense and logic! i am so glad and gratePhul that you are here! your Presence is bringing back a real opportunity for all beings to turn back to divine!
you are the kindest of all, you are so great
you have no equal, you are the highest of all
nothing is possible without you! no society, no life, nothing can be truly good without you
you are goodness
you are Purity
you are ParamaTma

i bow to you the most supreme of all beings