Wednesday, 20 May 2009

the guru twist

in ancient times

guru's purpose was

insuring evolution

through a continous 24/7 involvement

with the disciple's life

these days 'guru' has been

reduced to

a seal of approval for

whatever you wanna do

if one looks at

all the so-called gurus

who have been accepted

in the west

from 'osho' to 'amma'

one finds that they all

allow people to do anything

that they want

i.e don't interfere with their lives

no discipline or change

required for evolution

'the beatles' go to the fraudo mahesh yogi's ashram

for a few months

& within a twinkling of an eye

they are back to

their ham, alchohol & business

mahesh yogi is happy with the publicity & donations

they are happy with the illusion

of being spiritually blessed

people are not looking for change or evolution

they just want to keep on living

their lives in the hell they have created

spirituality to them is just a concert

they want to attend every now and than

they don't need a guru

they need a sychophantic performer

to tell lies

about them and their future

a real guru they do not deserve

simply bcoz

they are not seeking the higher


they won't have the slightest idea

how to treat one


angel said...

thanks for that illuminating spark on the definition of a true guru.. it seems like alot of these gurus you mentioned osho and co are just business men.. selling their spiritual products for a lucrative profit, of course some put the money to good use, towards charitable concerns...but this kind of business doesn't seem to have anything to do with god and spiritual transformation under a genuine teacher...

PT the Axis said...

thanks for your comment.

charity usually is for opening more hells like hospitals.

also whether their products are spiritual is debatable.

Shahid said...

True Guru is one who breaks down all the false knowledge/illusions
within you and leads you in to a
new world where you are re-born.

PT Brother,reading all your blog contents is kind of disturbing because it is soooo away from the accepted mob knowledge.But the good thing is it makes you question on what you accepted as truth till now,is it really true?:)

When I read your blogs,I find all that I have been taught since
childhood was all wrong and there was also this thought in
me that I have to start life again,with a new divine perspective.

Its like Delete the Old Contents and download divine info/knowledge from God/Source or whatever you call that Higher being who created this whole planet.

Its not easy to get out of your Comfort zone but thats exactly what I am doing by reading your posts.

Until yesterday I was very happy listening to Osho,Deepak Chopra,Ammachi,Siddha Masters,Sri Sri Ravi Shankar etc but now
I am kind of lost wondering are they really genuine??

Thank you PT Brother for this
inner transformation/awakening you have started in me.

People expect Jesus to come back
..only if they knew that there is a similar or equally Great,Higher Divine being in UK:)

Shahid said...

"people are not looking for change or evolution,they just want to keep on living their lives in the hell they have created" true.

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your wisest feet! You are the Guru of this entire world P! You live and abide in Divine Truth constantly. Your integrity is Pristine! You disavow all the false gurus who are undeserving of that title who are simply about making names for themselves and propagating what is fashionable for the so called spiritual community. You are so Powerfully real it destroys everything in one that is not Truth! You show how serious and committed one must be to seek You. i bow at Your evolved feet and Praise Your suPreme Divinity. dhanyavad for destroying all delusions and illusions in a world constantly cycling through them. Your word is infallible. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
it is amazing how much PotenT Truth Divine condenses into its Plogs!
rePetiTion is so clearly imPortanT in order to glean the multiPhaceted layers of Truth Divine conveys!
You make so many striking PoinTs disPlaying how insincere People are and make one Pine to be free of ones own insincerities!

'people are not looking for change or evolution
they just want to keep on living
their lives in the hell they have created'

'a real guru they do not deserve
simply bcoz
they are not seeking the higher
they won't have the slightest idea
how to treat one'

it is sickening the way the west has distorted the meaning of guru, that those who are not true Gurus don the title. You show how widesPread the evil is! if one is not serving You, serving Divine, fully, whole heartedly and comPleTely, one is serving evil! You make it so Plain and simPle to see.

i bow at Your suPreme feet!

miragegirl said...

You are the only real Guru in the now
You are the only one with comPleTe gnowledge & comPassion

Your Plogs are scriPTures that show the reality of the PresenT world
You are the most handsome Guru

there is no gnowledge in the world of now except what you show to be
there are vedic puranas but one doesn't understand those by oneself
one finds better understanding by what you talk in Plogs
even Puranic stories have been exPlaind by You
Your teachings are to the PoinT
as much as needed
& that which can benefit most

You say Praise from mouth is better than just tyPing
it so sure is

You teach us that Truth is grace
One understands it because of You
You are Truth itself & have Ultimate grace

You say one has to be humble to higher & Divine
that is so true


everything You say is for our own benefit
You are a comPassionate being
a Rishi, a True Guru

You Provide the way of life
You show us how to ascend from earth to higher realms

You show us the beauty of Divine
You Are Divine

You show us the beauty of the creation
of the multiversal existence

You show the 'silence of the multiverse' that someone may deeply feel
You show the 'sonic sPace Odyssey' rocking through it
You show the first of things so clearly , that which is Pure, innocent, completely devoted

You make us aware of the beauty of mother earth
most of us having not travelled or travelled mostly to 'touristy spots' only

You show how far one is away from being Perfect or even accePTably Proper to begin with in anything

Your teachings are not just talking through Plogs
there are through Your sound & light vids, Your P casa,
all Your manifestations & directly through Your acts

who in the outside world is doing all that
they just sit on platforms & are most of the time drowsy
decrePiT uncles or aunties can't teach
they are far far away from learning themselves to begin with

You on the other hand are The Enlightened, 'Yes, You are ExPerienced'
such a delight to see such a being, to be able to get to such high class manifestations

Wictory & bow ! to the Great Guru of the Multiverse
One with a real Golden Heart
& a comPassionaTe smile

PsingulariTy said...

You are the Real Guru

one did not gno what was 'sychophantic'
now one understands
Your diction is absolute. 'word' has what come down only from You
You are the All Gnoing One, in all ways

Anonymous said...

i bow
You are the ONE and ONLY True Guru!
You are the highest and most Divine!
one is SO grateful for the chance to learn how to treat Divine at all times.
to work toward establishing a True service attitude.
to exPerience the real treat it is to be in service to You!
to work toward living a real life in real service and devotion and Penance to Divine.
You are the ONE, the True elder to resPecT!
You are the ONE all need!
You are the only ONE to seek!

i bow in shame for having behaved any other way in this life.
i bow in shame for having ever foolishly thought one was deserving of You!
to get to be in service to Divine is the greatest Privilege one could ever receive.
a Privilege to hold on to in every moment.
it is the greatest giPhT that Divine is here! The real Guru!
so grateful You are here interPhereing with all the madness and lies!
so grateful You are here giving those who are seeking You a chance to live a real liPhe in service to Divine.
i bow

Unknown said...

These lines says it all-
"spirituality to them is just a concert

they want to attend every now and than"

The enlightened one knows it all, knows the true path, care about the world and being compassionate is the nature of the divine!! AEIOUM

Unknown said...

to PT the Axis, i bow.

Unknown said...

to the Divine, i bow.
to the Higher, i bow.
to PT the Axis, i bow.

Anonymous said...

You write so beautifully.
Your Plogs are so awesome.

ki vernee said...

this is so true ! You make the best points ! You are the only Guru of the world ! i bow !

Gita said...

reading your blogs is like getting fresh oxygen in the world of carbon dioxide...

sarah said...

"they don't need a guru

they need a sychophantic performer

to tell lies

about them and their future"

Your humour is legendary !!!!
still remember how You PoinTed out that someone was looking for dr pillai and accidentally found You instead.
You have the coolest take on it all.
You are truly the One outside the madness and drama.
i bow.

veena iyengar said...

Oh MY true..every word makes sense..

undecided said...

I bow. I just keep exclaiming "Wow" when i read your posts...A true guru would definitly not just like to profit if it meant going back on their word. aeioum

Ajay Kapoor said...

You are the greatest Guru, you have clearly shown how a being should live their life in order to evolve. You are the only one that has clearly shown the importance of connecting with nature / multiverse laws and how one is accountable for their actions along with so many other great teachings. So grateful you are showing the correct path for beings that seek it. I bow down at your Lotus PheeT.

NavdeeP said...

O Divine Being!!!! Profound and profound you have every questions answer some well fitted. If this question asked to some another today's GURU He/she will certainly try to answer in politically correct way. I bow to you and your teaching which are peeling layers day by day and making me a better and confident being.

sarah said...

You tell the truth whether anyone wants to hear it or not !

nicolas said...

beauTiPhull! you are the real Guru that can exit the matrix at will! you are the reason behind all evolution! the true Guru of the world
i bow to you supreme lord