Monday, 10 November 2008

Magic of Com-part-mental-ization

"so what do you do?"

one of the most frequent & normal

queries in muggledom

the expected response is a compartment

i'm a musician, banker, healer, engineer,

physicist, teacher, environmentalist & so forth

the querist is happy

a box has been

created. now the preprogrammed

mental program can run smoothly

but here is the catch

is physics really different from chemistry

and are they different from biology

is guitar playing different from say dancing and

is dancing different from sex

aren't they all just expressions

of grace?

isn't everything just an expression of grace

so its either ~

one has more grace or one has less .i.e

one is more evolved or less evolved

but this conclusion is taboo

it should never be reached

thus the labyrinth of assignings, terms & boxes

to muddle the obvious

the initial query usually leads to other

queries - married/single, employed/unemployed,

republican/democrat ...

the picture is getting clearer

one is a father, brother, boss, servant,

lover, friend, husband, musician, democrat ...

each one having its own seperate cosy compartment

in the mind

if this is not multiple schizophrenia than what is

a whole lot of role-playing happening

without any awareness of why

massive confusion is the result

as the compartments continually conflict with

each other to produce numerous tearjerking blockbusters

the lines are also continually getting blurred

for example - a male & female

of the same agegroup are *just friends*

that means a certain program will run

which will allow for certain amount of contact

the 2 can watch a film together & there can

be the occasional hug

a bodycontact boundary progam operates

than there is this other

relationship which has the official

*boyfriend-girlfriend tag*

now the movie watching will lead to other things ...

a more maximized bodycontact program now operates

if this line is crossed in the *just friends* relationship

i.e one forgets to switch between

the programs, the circuits blow up

malfunction beep beep

so the same 2 biological entities with the

same needs are behaving differently in exactly

the same scenario through the

*magic of compartmentalization*

a system is in place in which everyone

is something or the other but not

*a being*

a being = a level of awareness

many are going insane in this illogical

mindprogrammed system

but the almighty upholders of the system

can't seem to pinpoint the source of the madness

its surely not the system

all the societal tags/compartments

are a big diversion from



ascertaining the awareness level of *the being*

those like myself who refuse to function

through these compartments are feared more

than any atomic bomb

people ask -

am i a guitarplayer, rockstar, writer, model, actor,

photographer, visionary, philosopher, guru ?!

a desperate search for a compartment

what relationship can we have with you -

teacher/student, lover/husband, brother/sister,

fatherfigure/motherfigure/childfigure, friend/enemy ?!

please give us a compartment to

complete our sweet little picture

once we have boxed you we will

gno how to deal with you

obviously there is no chance of

coming to me as

whole uncompartmentalized being

that is the absolute taboo of this society/civilization

how long can the game of keeping up appearances

last without collapsing

fascinating viewing


Anonymous said...

Lol! Now the picture is def getting clearer - Judged by society if one is more evolved or less evolved when they don't even know the meaning of Evolve.Obviously this illogical mind-programmed system of compartmentalization must most certainly cause multiple schizophrenia and it is def a big diversion from 'being'. Do they even understand that before
ascertaining the awareness level of 'the being'?

miragegirl said...

agar dyan ParmaTma par ho tho kisi varg ki jaroorat nahi padti

aap Param Pujaneeya hai

aap ParmaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

Profound observation about the functionings of muggles ! the *Magic of Compartmentalization* - a brilliant term You have coined and defined !

Your words are so true ! people are viewed by the compartments they fit in to not by the actual quality of their being ! people are not seen as *beings* as defined by their level of awareness ! very beautiful how You Point this out !

and it is so funny to observe the shock in muggles each time a being doesnt behave as per the compartment they are supposed to be affiliated with. muggles attach codes of conduct to each compartment and always get surprised when a being cannot live up to that "code". when finally they are forced to put attention on the actual "quality" of that being. You sum it up best in Your final statement "how long can the game of keeping up appearances last without collapsing fascinating viewing" classic final statement ! You have the best way with words !

& Yes indeed You really challenge these compartment dependent lot ! it is so great to observe how You just shatter all notions of compartments ! You cannot be boxed and it is so cool !

from the proper PerspecTive of *beingness* it can be seen how You are the most aware being on the PlaneT ! Your quality & grace shines in all that You do !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow at the feet of the ultimate being. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
The Phires of Truth come blazing out of Your brilliant mouth constantly!
there is no other who can sPeak with such grace and eloquence and wit!
no other who can tear down the system with words! with sound!
Divines words which cause one to laugh at the absurdity of the muggle way.
words which bring one to see the truth of ones own muggle state and lack of awareness!
words which show one how foolish one has been to waste so much of ones life role playing!
It is clear the You are comPleTely outside of every compartment! every box!
You are the One who is truly free! a 'whole uncomParTmentalized being!'
You are beyond the scope of the limited perceptions and awareness of those who are boxed in.
it is You who has always seen through the lies of this place, the faultiness and madness of the system and compartments the inhabitants here box themselves and others into!
It is only You who can and gnos how to function beyond the limited system.
a system You clearly PoinT out will collapse!
Divines PersPecTive is the only interesting PersPecTive to exist!
Your suPreme intelligence so clearly outshines everything and everyone here!
i bow.

Anonymous said...

Your explanations are geared towards helping everyone raise their awareness. You are a knowledgeable and benevolent being.

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Magickal Being on earth
You are one with Divine.

Anonymous said...

PT world must be a beautiful meaningful real world where there is only evolution
Your ways are charming !
You helP beings see the reality as it is

Unknown said...

Minds are pre=programmed that if he/she does that its a good work or if its of another category they would tag it as of low standards!! See them according to a certain compartment only!!

Ajay Kapoor said...

This is fascinating, I wonder how have the minds been preprogrammed? I bow

Unknown said...

i bow to the Unbound.

Unknown said...

i bow to PT the Axis.

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so right ! Divine cannot be put in any box ! You explain things so PerfecTly ! You are the most gnowleageable Being !

Unknown said...

Another very brilliantly written Plog! Your words are so clarifying and sense giving!!! Your intellect is unparalleled!

You give such great oPPorTuniTies to unlearn and relearn that which is truly meaningful and essential !!!
It is so clear who is the most graceful and having the highest level of awareness​!

"how long can the game of keeping up appearances
last without collapsing
fascinating viewing"

You end it so bang on cool, it's humorous yet gravely serious ! You write it in an exceptionally cool way... It seems to already be collapsing, the muggle way is laughable!
Startling how we muggles have made everything so ridiculously​ complicated in our foolishness of compartmentalizing everything, so away from considering the level of beingness and trying to raise itself instead of the prides attached to their comparments, so much so that one has forgotten that one is a *being* ! It is so great to unlearn and learn from you, you simPlify everything so perspicuously !
And indeed you are not be boxed into any box! You are a blazing shining example of an wholly uncompartmentalized being! You are so up above and beyond all this, it is truly admirable and resPecT worthy!
So grateful for your illuminating and enlightening teachings. You set the record straight!
I bow at your lotusfeet /\

Unknown said...

The whole concept of com-part-mental-ization is so ingrained in our minds that it's literally impossible to keep oneself away from different compartments.
One goes into default mode not knowing what they are saying or how they are behaving.Another Plog to shatter the misconceptions we have.

An eye opener.


Gita said...

AHh boxing is so frustrating and annoying to listen.. So this proves that we live in a limited 3 D world where ppls thinking are limited and whole lotta things r limited..

Help our minds to think wider and think beyond this box.. We seek your blessings..

I bow !

Ajay Kapoor said...

You have beautifully explained compartmentalization how beings are programmed to compartmentalise into groups which is absolutely absurd. I myself am thinking how I have been involved in such nonesense till now. I bow..

veena iyengar said...

so true..thank god I have never stepped into the corporate world..

Turbulent Conqueror said...
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undecided said...

I bow. All these labels creates schizophrenia and when you finally decide that you are not going to use these labels anymore, people still in the matrix seem to malfunction! They can't understand how one cannot choose a label other than just "being".The result of the hellish nightmare the majority of the world is still functioning in. aeioum

asha Pi arTi said...

Your words (and sounds) are like the real hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy ... only thing that has made one not panic

You are so kind to write this and proove everyday how You can not be compartmentalised !

You are the PerfecT blend of every quality that is worth aspiring for and this is not said mildly, it is said after years of being allowed to observe You and follow Your activities and way of being all while (through Your Grace) actively observing and comparing it to the world around one and inside one ... through this experience one can get to better conclusions now and not try to compartmentalise anyone anymore and to see everyone as a being ...

You are truely the most Vedic Beautiful Being and the only One to whom one bows to here !

am so grateful to get to learn from the Avatar directly !

Vaishali thaker said...

This is really cool! the state which only one can just wonder of! a non-compartmentalized world would be so beautiphul..!
It is possible only due to your presence in ones liphe..
Your words are so magical & goes straight deep into ones heart..
Its a big challenge for people of this plane to see themselves and others as just beings & not as doctors, engineers, poets, filmstars etc..
Lots of awareness & awakening is required to cleanse this corrupted world which is only possible through you & only you the enlightened one! i bow 🙏

lana_33 said...

another awesome Plog! You always so easily get to the root of any issue! You are so insightfull and brilliant! every word of Your Plogs is Phull of meaning and clarity!

there really is no way to put You into any kind of box ~ no way to compartmentalize You! when one looks at You as a being, it is really so clear how much more evolved You are! You are so comPleTely (w)holy and wholistic! and it is so very kind of You to teach beings how to Properly deal with other beings here!

"obviously there is no chance of
coming to me as
whole uncompartmentalized being
that is the absolute taboo of this society/civilization"

wow! such a great PoinT ~ worded in such ePic fashion! so absolutely brilliant You are! i bow!

Unknown said...

Your insights are marvelous!!As one reads Your Plogs a kind of awakening haPPens within..Your words are so PoTent that the meaning seePs deeP into the consciousness..
Really this act of keeping uP appearances and compartmentalization is so frustrating and claustrophobic..

Yes,indeed,Oh Lord,You can't be boxed as You are inPhiniTe!! You are so above and beyond this non sensical society's Paradigms..
Everything about the current civilization is so disturbing and confusing while Your words PuTs one at ease..."Being=level of awareness"!!
You make it so simPle and clear🙏

"those like myself who refuse to function
through these compartments are feared more than any atomic bomb"~~Your wit is legendary!!You are so classy!!Truly You are the One who should be revered,feared,resPecTed and bowed to!!

You are the ePiTome of Grace and Beauty..every action of Yours is PoeTic..
No labels can be PuT on You as You transcend the mundane world and encomPass all that is Divine,GracePhul and Kind of You to be here and give beings a chance to witness True Beauty and Divinity..

I bow Divine PT🙏🙏

Anonymous said...


nicolas said...

wow magnificent eye opening P log! this is so true!!! your observation is so sharp that is so impressive!
people look for the labels they have been given and do not even realise that they are a being! you are outside of all nonsense!
you are the most high
you are the supreme authority
you are ParamaTma
you are divine embodied
you are TruTh
you are the all gnoing one

i bow to you ShivNarayan

nicolas said...

your words are really brilliant! your intelligence has no equal!
you are so kind to incarnate here to give beings a chance to do PBS to you!
your being-ness is the most amazing Phenomena on this Plane!
you are the best of all beings! your liPhe is a marvelous Phenomena!

i bow to you all gnoing one

nicolas said...

such a great PoinT! your greatness shines through your words! you are the best of all beings!
you are Truth! you are god in a human body
your Presence on earth is a legendary miracle!

i bow to you ShivNarayan

Ankeeta said...

WOW... this is so so EPIC... energy of P i see.... amazing.... You and Your most obvious suPeriority make it so easy for one to just bow down in humility and learn... You are the most Praiseworthy One... no matter how long the river of Praise flows, is still not enough to do justice to how really very awesome amazing and celebrationworthy and respectworthy You are... Redemption lies in Paying attention to You and doing Your bidding Prabhu.. i bow

jagatsevak said...

Your words are like golden honey to this one. Such PoignanT gnoledge and wisdom.

Boxes are for shoes not Beings. The muggle world is laughable. You make that so ePically clear.

One bows to your inTellecT and insighTs. You are truly the most PraiseworThy Being.

Shiv Narayan