Thursday, 23 October 2008

U Pretend


miragegirl said...

it is a pretentious world
you show it so clearly

Anonymous said...

omP! This is unPretentiously Pure information with the PurPose of eradicating deceit and lies which many in their ignorance dont even know about.They dont see it in the mirror and if they at some rare moment do they yet again Pretend thats its nothing , just a bad day and ignore it pushing themselves further into the depths of the lowest world of darkness. They Pretend and they die Pretending and dont seem to make it to the outernet for eons until they happen to make and labourously collect the right unPretentious causes droP by droP made from the heart's sublime intent.That is as rare as one being able to even imagine in a million years just once about making it out of the matrix.Only your grace can set us free of this world which is a mayajaal.

Anonymous said...

One cannot express how grateful one is in being able to understand this knowledge so Perfectly.Its like because the divine states it with such simplicity and so unPretentiously that we SEE it!Thankyou Lord!

miragegirl said...

aap jis tarah se videos banate hai us tarah ki sphasthta se koi videos bana nahi sakta

aap sare batoon ke sare dristikoan ko samajte hai

aap sarv gyani hai

sadak par deke tho sare log kisi na kisi koshish main hi dikaee dete hai ki sab kuch teek he hai

aap ne jitne udaharan aur jitni alag alag tarah sai duniya ki kapathta dikai hai us tarah koi dika nahi sakta

aap sarvotam hai

aap mahan hai

aap Param Pujaneeya hai

aap ParmaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

It is always such a joy to watch this vid ! You sum up in 5 poignant words the fate of mankind - U Pretend & U Die ! what a statement ! You are the deliverer of Truth & Reality ! in this pretentious world You are a beacon of sanity & honesty & grounded down-to-earth realism !

Love how You provide so many examples of the Pretension ! You are so bold ! such an inspirational truth activist You are !! and all to a highly rocking and groovy soundtrack ! really love Your poise and stance, the way You play Your guitar is very erotic and Your vocals are effortlessly cool ! the PerfecT plain and direct tone for delivering Your pertinent message !

and best final statement - "U pretend till you can pretend no more!" PoTent words ! very striking & provocative !

and must add that in this vid You appear to me as some hyper sexy extraterrestrial who has come to visit Earth for the express purpose of passing judgement on the beings here...something tells me that that is not far from the truth (wink)

Anonymous said...

i bow. "you pretend and you die" PoTent, sobering and bloddy brilliant Truth. every strum of Your strings, every syllable sung from Your Divine being, pierces ones core and sends Truth resonating within. i bow in awe and overwhelming gratitude. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

You are a safe refuge in this pretensious world.

PsingulariTy said...

You are The unPreTentious One !
You truly are blissful & connected, nature & elemental resPonses suPPorT that.

Anonymous said...

'look busy. jesus is coming ' world says
'if speech is silver, silence is golden' , 'no pain, no gain', 'work is worshiP', all maxims that are PreTension in the world

You have shown the reality related to them
Your Plogs are Precious

miragegirl said...

world is all
"uʍop ǝpısdn " !

now one understands !

Unknown said...

Looks like most of us pretend and die, play some roles and die till we reach a certain level of unpretentiousness!!

Unknown said...

P is always sharing truth. The world is filled with pretenders!

Anonymous said...

You have such an awesome and legendary way of conveying messages. You are the most stylish and Your guitar Playing is awesome. You are the true revolution. You're so absolutely right there's too much pretension in this world. wow You have such an absolutely awesome way of giving true education. You are such a revolutionary and such a legend. You tell the truth with such absolute style and élan. Pranam

Anonymous said...

You are such a Phenomenal messiah..such awesome guitar Playing with such an awesome awesome of You to oPen ones eyes to all the Pretension and the gaudy mind programming..You deliver the message with such absolute style and aPlomb..You are so legendary..the grandeur of Your musical messages is off the charts..i bow

Gita said...

Its interesting how you show the fake pretentious ppl doing all nonsense..

So much still to learn, yet I feel I don't know many things ..

Give me your blessings , give me the knowledge

undecided said...

I bow. This is all so True PT. Not like you speak anything other than the Truth!

Young people in my age group like to pretend they're happy through social media, photos on instagram, facebook, etc. Their "online personas" get a lot of attention and "likes"... yet what hides behind that mask is someone who has had no attempt at soul evolution and has never experienced real love. Pain and torture has become so normalized around my peers and their only "saving grace" is looking forward to the weekend where they drown their pain with alcohol and drugs...then they further the process by publicizing that practice! They are continuously devolving themselves with each cycle.

At some point someone should look around and ask, "why are we pretending to be happy? We all know we're not."

The photos are saying "fun" but the torture and pain is behind the illusion...PT is the gate out of this unevolving cycle. aeioum

Reshma said...

True..and one of my favorites.