Sunday, 12 June 2016

the one-name religions ... worse than 'planet of the apes'




so many

have to be






Multifarious aspects




one name

allah, jesus, krishn, satan etc etc

beings here

not only buy this nonsense

they even

fight each other over it


Vedic way



Phorce - Shakti

in all aspects

with myriads of names

is the

only way

out of 


dumber than dumb




vintish said...

I bow

pinx said...

that is such a brilliant Point !!

You never cease to shed light on the various ways
in whicn beings stay trapped in the "dumber than dumb mess"~
Your exactitude, corrections, gnowledge and all encompassing Higher & Divine P~sPecTive is so needed !!

You are really the only One to turn to when it comes to all things Divine !

i bow !

a Pari said...

i bow

YOU have so many EPIC asPecTs suPerscriPT names and Beautyfull Proofs of Your exciting existence here !

one is so fortunate to learn from YOU directly P !

i bow

missmriggy said...

Awesome, Awesome. PT is simply awesome. A Light unto All.

neelang tiwari said...

Different things have different names.

APari said...

holy wow You have so much Phorce !!

i bow

aastha pudasainee said...


sarah anne said...

You are the most logical brilliant guide !!!
You are every archeTyPe and asPecT !!!
You are so unlimited !!!

K N said...

You Provide with the ultimate exPlanaTions, your words are ultimately Powerful! You illuminate and clariPhy the mind , deProgramming ones entire being with the absolute truth and gnowledge! Your Plogs imParT the moral values that was supposed to be taught since the kindergarten! One has been so full of all these lies, one has been so dumb to buy into this fabrication!

You make so much sense ! You are the most coherent being!

Vedic way
Phorce - Shakti
in all aspects
with myriads of names
is the
only way
out of
dumber than dumb

Dhanyawad for your Plogs! They are the ultimate food for clariPhying the mind and sPiriT! The one source indeed has inPhiniTe asPecTs to it and labelling it under one name is indeed the dumbest thing to do! Just another ploy for the masses to never try to understand and learn the multifarious asPecTs of the absolute, keep them proudly complacent in their ignorance... And when even great sages/rishis could have had the trouble to comPleTely understand the source, We have become the experts by hoisting the flag of our complete definition of the source, surpassing the rishis! It is indeed the dumbest and the most audacious act to undermine the absolute one!

So glad that you are here to lead one from darkness to the light... So glad to get a glimPse into the multifarious asPecTs of the absolute divine through you! So the glad that you have come to grace this plane! So grateful for all that you Provide! Dhanyawad for your inPhiniTe comPassion and benevolence! Could have never ever realised how wrong and devoluted one is without your mercy! Dhanyawad for Providing a way out of this dumber than dumb mess!

I bow to the most beautiful one !
I bow to the one who is unfathomable ! I bow at your suPreme lotusfeet !

reshma nair said...
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Vaishali Thaker said...

Shakti - without which conciousness is incomplete, everthing is based upon shakti..
Only you can recognize & play with shakti in its complete original form, you see everything with your 3rd eye, you can effortlessly explain various aspects of shakti. people dont gnow anything and just want to name things as per their requirements, the perspective of people over here is very limited, people are dumb enough to accept fakery as truth..
only your words are true, only you have a complete perspective, you have infinite gnoledge about each an everything on this multiverse, you are the king.. you show us true path by sharing the sacred vedic incredible gnoledge with us, learning from you is real phun, we are fortunate to learn directly from divine, the source, the shiv narayan, the paramatman.. i bow 🙏

Indrajeet Khadey said...

You have so many qualities...A single one can never tell it all..

I Bow to you O Divine One.

jganesh said...

every word You sPeak is sensible and revolutionary ! lol dumb is definitely the word ! You are so multifaceted it is pointless to attach You to just one or two attributes ! You are comPleTe and PhracTal from all sides ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

veena iyengar said...

vedic way is the only way..
I bow..aeioum..
I see things from a different perspective now..