Wednesday, 19 May 2010

the educated

translucents have created

a specie called

'the educated '

in all the

tribes/peoples of this world

through teaching

'what is cool'


'what to strive for'

this specie

whether it be in india, africa, pacific islands,

the america's, rest of asia etc.

blocks out all divine communication

in its hyper-obsessive

striving of

translucent goals

more than the

translucents themselves

who are sick & tired

of their own structures


have a clearer notion of

'what is really cool'

only thing with them

is that

they usually get jealous

instead of appreciative

& have a problem with bowing

but nowhere as much as

their students 'the educated'

who think of themselves as the

supreme authorities on this planet

once they put on a suit & tie

& write their silly newspaper columns etc.

the only fragments of sense

can only be seen

in the so-called uneducated villagers

who haven't yet gone through

the evil programming

at least fully that is

i would rather deal with them

or the translucents who seek change

before i do with

'the educated'

another case where its better to

see the boss/manager instead of

the illogical programmed overzealous underling


a* said...

You can hit the nail on the head so precisely! What a great blog, your prespective makes so much sense the way you present it. Always getting to the root of every issue and disclosing every branch of how it manifests in this world... and you give a solution to every problem as well- Bowing and Serving Higher/Divine.

All supposed educated ones (like myself) if honest, can surely see the logic and reasoning by now with so many different ways you are spelling it out!

Just can not say enough how grateful one is for your PT-logs, they are priceless clarity, wisdom and compassion! and superbly entertaining and witty to top!

Anonymous said...

:) i bow. dhanyavad for dePicTing so called education as the irritating burden it actually is P! one is still in disbelief at how muggledom praises and promotes this illusory concePT. dhanyavad for the invaluable gnowledge you share. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your ability to Phind humor in the ceaseless ways the translucents have made a mockery of this world is so Divinely comPassionate P! You intelligently show how the so called education they perpetuate is an enormous calamity! You Provide the only education one need. one is increasingly grateful for this Phundamental PhacT! i bow at the feet of the one who gnows! the only One who ever has, ever can, and ever will Provide the solution for this Earths woes! i bow at Your ePic feet. You are the most glorious being to ever be P!

P3AZ21 said...

so keen Your PercePTion
so full

You are the best !

real education in this world is what one comes to gno through Your Plogs

Anonymous said...

i bow!
It's just SO brilliant the way You exPose the lies P and clearly show what a huge lie 'education' is that the translucents have been spreading around their so called globe. it is terrifying the way beings everywhere have bought into it!
it is all such a sick unnatural system!!!
There is no denying how sick of the translucent structure and one own structure one is. That one has been ones whole life. It is inexPlicably generous of Divine to allow translucents who seek change to come to Divine.

it is SO clear that You are the One with real intelligence and gnowledge! The only One who can really teach anything of actual, PracTical, real PurPose! Your PerfecT objectivity sees through every lie they have ever sPread! You are the One who gnos how things really function in this world and beyond! The only One with a real PhuTure and the only One who can guide one toward a real PhuTure!

i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

only You are can Provide real education that would be really helPful to one
striving for evolution is the goal

You are The Real Educator

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

sarah anne said...

You grasp every nuance of the scene with the uP-mosT Precision

jganesh said...

wow ! You are so smart ! such a great PoinT ! i bow

Swati said...

🌟 P 🌟 is the Light of true gnowledge and wisdom !!

i worked with current education system, all suited booted heroes and teachers with attitude teaching the same language to their students. they have more degrees mentioned in their CV than total number of Years of their life. education industry is a another market here to buy and sell degrees. gnowledge does not come without Proper humility towards Higher and Divine. ! bow to the One who is so comPassionaTe to share His Divine gnowledge and don't ask anything, feeling of resPecT and Praise and bowing comes naturally for You !! ! bow to Your Lotus PheeT !!

Swati said...

You strike the hammer where is most needed ~ one is enough from You, all are ~

'striving of

translucent goals

more than the

translucents themselves

who are sick & tired

of their own structures'

Your Vision for the world is far suPerior and the organic sense and natural structure, You constructed to live in the jungle, that is not only natural but also scientifically based on sacred geometry, You gnow all real vedic science and Your *coherent ideas and intentions* are far more suPerior than any structure one can ever think of. ! bow to Your Vedic sense of Living !!