Monday, 14 December 2009

more open confessions ...

words from a new rant released under the brandname 'robbie williams' -

"All we've ever wanted
Is to look good naked
Hope that someone can take it
God save me rejection
From my reflection,
I want perfection "

stuff for all these artificially created pop brands

is usually written by old experienced

behind the scenes manipulators

more in the gno of the wantings of the transluscent genesnake

or in a wider context the evil demiurge itself

the lyrics are quite clear within themselves

they want IT

but they don't have IT

and they can't have IT

and it makes them sick

the vampiric bit -

" wanna feed of energy
Love living like a deity "

deities by definition generate their own energy

unless of course one's deity is the fallen one

the album is called

'reality killed the video star'

please refer to

the real films @

for the context

its all getting to them

"Praying for the rapture,
‘Cause it’s stranger getting stranger
And everything’s contagious
It’s the modern middle ages"

to avoid the burning torture

bowing down to

'the One'

Who has IT

& they gno IT

is still far away

with this kind of attitude


a* said...

What profound brilliant insights into what all these confessions mean! There isn't an arena of this world that you do not delve into and reveal fully, even pop music. Just proves how your blogs are so relevant to the present and very entertaining and fun to read!!

pinx said...

very revealing indeed !

never would have known that so much could be derived from the lyrics of a pop song ! You are so insightful ! and as always take things to a more profound and deeper level of understanding.

nothing is missed by Your radar, not even a 'rant' released under the brandname "robbie williams". that is just so cool ! You always gno what is worthy of further investigation, and Your findings are truly brilliant ! relating things to the context of the wantings of an entire genepool, and in a wider context to the evil demiurge itself is such superior PerspecTive not to be found elsewhere !

Your revelations are very enlightening. the true nature of this rant revealed, the laments of the fallen one have been given voice ~ the desperation of these beings is creepy !

too bad for them but there can only be One ! best to just bow down ~ it is inevitable anyways :)

sreelatha said...

i feel like a stranger on this land
who is helPed to understand
life is but a gift
so into a better dimension one can shift
my lord, i am grateful to you
for everything given and life i bow to you

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

dhanyavad for setting the record straight again and again. i bow.

P3AZ21 said...

Praise of Divine helPs one sail through existence safely, ProPerly

Divine is PerfecTion
Divine is ultimately beautiful
Divine is coherent 'full PhracTality’
Divine is aweing !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine

The Terrible killer of evil !
evil has no Place to go, cornered, lol !

Anonymous said...

bowing down to the One who is IT!!!

You have the most seering and PeneTrating insight into everything You see P! Truths only You can unveil!

So frightening that things like robbie williams are what the masses are attracted to! and that they listen to and relate to that garbage! gross!

You are the Only One to be into! The sexiest most beautiful most intelligent being there is! The only One who can really rock! The only one who can write, sPeak and sing words with meaning! The only One with a real heart! a Pure heart! the only one who can make ones heart flutter and beat! <3

i bow!

Anonymous said...

i bow
Your insights are SO brilliant P!!!
one can never get bored reading Your scriPTures, watching Your Philms, listening to Your sounds.
The ways You sPoT and PoinT out evil and the show how it functions is so cool!
'more open confessions...' what a witty title too, as always!
it's really frightening to recognize the ways the behind the scenes manipulators manipulate!
one is so ahsamed to have ever fallen under its spell. it's really sickening to recognize!
one is SO grateful to be cornered by Divine! and shown the Truth of Your shining blaring higherness! and what a fool one is to do anything but serve You!
serving You is really living! to do anything else is an evil lie.
bowing down to You and Praising You and Serving Divine is what this life is for!
one is so lucky to be given a choice to step away from the side of evil onto the side of Divine!
to leave evil and its nonsense behind for good!
agree with pinx, the desperation of these desparati beings is creepy!
surrender is the only action that makes sense!
i bow.

Science Spirituality said...

You're the Divine, there would be many such confessions because, they know but they still don't know what they don't know!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

Ujjwal Sharma said...

i bow to the divine PT kalki are the one who sustains have immense gnowledge, wisdom ,intelligence and creativity as you are the lord of the third eye and the guru of the world.

jganesh said...

You are so right ! i bow

Swati said...

Thank you My Lord for all your kindness.

People do have their thoughts, intentions, and knowledge. But what you say, what you are teaching me is beyond from any beings' understanding.

Because you are that Higher Being, you are an are Supreme Soul here.

I am so lucky to even see you. Your grace is profound.

My focus was never on what is fake and cannot create anything real. All film and music industries are commercial.what to talk about that. EVEN most of the spiritual wings promoting people to put their attention towards Divine making fool out of people.
I don't find them Holistic by any mean.

World famous Spiritual Gurus, they are spending lot of their time just preaching but not walking the real path as you do.

I don't see any divinity in their actions.

After seeing you, a complete silence is there in my mind and heart. My soul feels so happy. As all questions have been answered and learning has no end now.

Learning from you, from your thoughts,speech and actions has become daily routine of my life and
Praising you is like worship.
Focusing on you is like Meditation.
Bowing in your feet is like withdrawing nector of your Grace.
Talking to you is like opening my inside out without any worldly fear.
Working for you is like highest bliss in life.

You defined these words with your transcendental,eternal,timeless meaning to the words Purush,Prakriti,Parmeshwar,ParamPita Pitah,Pati,Premi,Prakash,Parwarish and Prasad.

Everything and everyone the whole Multiverse is Prakashit with your Pratap.

O Parmeshwar !! To bring those P-rays and showering in my life.

!bow to you and surrender my whole life in your ShriCharan.

!bow to you my Lord!!

veena iyengar said...


Gita Rakshha said...

Yes there are many who are being influenced by these manipulators and they in turn are setting trends for beings to follow.. Lack of knowledge by the beings push them into these addictions.. Save us help us from these manipulations...

I Praise the great "saakshee" - PT who's here to witness our final deeds and give the final judgment....

I Praise the great "kshetrajnah" The one who knows every realm , its activities and preserves it...

I Praise the great "aksharah" The one who cannot be destroyed..

I praise the great "yogah" The one who is the Yog himself to whom we all must unite..

I Praise the great "naarasimha-vapuh" The on who took the form of Lord Narasimha the Man Lion...

I Praise the great "Sthirāy" the who is stable and firm

I Praise the great "Sthāṇave" the one who is motionless

I Praise the great "Prabhave" The one who is influential strong and high powered.

I praise the great "Bheemay" The one who is strong and cannot powerful..

I Praise the great "Pravah" The one who moves and wind and is foremost

I Praise the great "Varadah" The one who gives boons so generously..

My bows to my master who possess unlimited qualities... AEIOUM !!